New Media And Traditional Media Coming To A Head

On Episode 265 of The Waves of Tech, it’s all about new media and traditional media coming to a head.  Verizon made news this week by featuring a plan for customers that choose to slice up the traditional bundled packages of shows into smaller cable TV package.  In response, ESPN plans to sue Verizon over the new “skinny bundles” for cable TV, citing that the plan is in violation of the terms of their contract.  More on the traditional front, we discuss the winners and losers of the Comcast and Time Warner Cable deal demise.  Enjoy the podcast and continue to ride…The Waves of Tech.

Verizon slices up the bundle, lets customers choose

Nothing Verizon is doing is revolutionary, but it is evolutionary.  For us in new media, that’s a solid start.  Verizon has announced an alternative to the traditional cable TV package, which offers customers the ability to pick-and-choose what channels they want.  Of course, there are limitations and an additional cost for adding individual if a customer so chooses.  Verizon is slowly embracing the desire for customers to watch and pay for only what they want.

ESPN sues Verizon over new ‘skinny bundles’ for cable TV

In response to Verizon’s push to give customers a little more freedom in bundled cable services, ESPN plans to sue the tech firm.  ESPN is claiming that the new “skinny bundle” option violates the terms and conditions of the companies’ contract agreement.  What we have here are two firms both trying to complete in the age of modern media.  Who will prevail?

Winners & Losers of Comcast Time Warner Cable Demise

After Comcast caught wind that the SEC and FCC would not be approving the merger with TIme Warner Cable, the cable-giant provider pulled their bid.  Winners and losers always surface when a merger doesn’t go through.  In this case, online video providers (Netflix, Amazon, Sling TV) and the consumer are the winners.  The losers happen to be Comcast and the cable industry in general.  Check out our thoughts on the failed merger.

Famous gamer retires, wrist can’t take it anymore

Hai Lam, a seasoned veteran and famous name in the gaming industry, has decided to walk away and retire from the industry.  At only 22, Lam has decided that injuries sustained to his wrists over several years of gaming, testing, and developing are preventing him from continuing in his career.  We are sure he will have a storied career in the industry in some respect.


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