New Media Expo 2013 and Netflix Inks New Deals

Welcome to Waves of Tech 166! With New Media Expo complete, Steve shares his experiences of NMX with you. From his favorite keynotes to his favorite breakout sessions, get the lowdown on what the buzz is all about. On the back end, Dave discusses the power of Netflix in the new media space and provides what can only be considered to be good news for customers of Netflix.

New Media Expo 2013

This year’s New Media Expo in Las Vegas was better than ever! Regardless of where you live in the new media space, New Media Expo is the place to be for content providers, publishers of online media, bloggers, and podcasters. Here is a brief list of some of the highlights Steve experienced at NMX.

  • Thanks to Rick Calvert and the entire NMX team
  • Glad to see it has reconvened in Las Vegas – Rio Suites in Las Vegas
  • Best times – Hooking up with my virtual buddies
  • Favorite Session – Amanda Blain on Google+
  • Favorite Keynotes – Guy Kawasaki and Leo Laporte
  • Favorite event –  Podcast Awards
  • Lessons learned. Consistency, be authentic, community/relationship building

Netflix Inks New Deals

Over the past 12 months, Netflix has gone through an enormous amount of criticism and consumer revolt. The company has responded very well and have bounced back from record drops in stock prices and subscriber base. If you’re a fan of Netflix, good news. They have inked deals with Turner Broadcasting, Warner Brothers, and of course Disney to bring you a new massive wave of content, movies, and children’s shows. Check out all the news about Netflix in this segment.

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