New Media Expo and Podcast Awards 2015

On Episode 264 of The Waves of Tech, we breakdown our experience of New Media Expo (#NMX), the Podcast Awards, and the NAB Show.  The event had many elements to rave about and other elements that need to be evaluated.  In tech news, we discuss the partnership of Yahoo and Microsoft as they try to take some of Google’s power.  In big news, Norway has decided to switch off their national FM Radio and we give the details.  Enjoy the variety of tech news we cover and continue to ride…the waves of tech.

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New Media Expo 2015

We visited the grand New Media Expo in Las Vegas, filling five days with podcasting sessions, keynotes, the Podcast Awards, networking, and reception parties.  Some of the highlights included Pat Flynn’s keynote, which he presented an amazing message about future proofing yourself and your business.  Podcasting sessions included topics ranging from marketing to building communities and from monetization to branding.  Speakers included many greats such as Ray Ortega, Corey Fineran, Mark Ramsey, Todd Cochrane, and Rob Walch.  The networking was tremendous this year, as many found their way to the NMX Lounge which allowed for rubbing elbows with fellow podcasters in the space.  If you are considering attending NMX, it’s a no brainer!

The Screen Savers are back

For those that remember the show The Screen Savers, an old TV show from TechTV, we have great news.  The show is back!  The New Screen Savers will be premiering May 2nd on the TWIT network.  Many of the past co-hosts will be making guest appearances, which will be pleasing to many past viewers.  Check out for more details.

Yahoo and Microsoft Deal

As Google continues to dominate the search engine market, news surfaced that Yahoo will be in agreement with Microsoft.  Yahoo will be utilizing Microsoft’s technology for powering most of their search engine results.  Yahoo abandoned their search engine development several years ago, whether that was a good decision or not is up for debate.  Per the regulatory filings, the deal includes an increase in the books for Yahoo, who will get 90 percent of the search revenue.

Norway Ends FM Radio

In some major news, Norway will be switching off their National FM Radio system in the favor of a move to digital audio broadcast.  The FM system only has capabilities to broadcast 5 channels.  The new system allows for 22 channels, a clear increase for production, and will allow for the expansion of 20 channels.  In addition, the transition will provide Norwegians better sound quality, more channels, widespread distribution and adoption, and some major cost savings in the process.

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