New Tech Jobs and Microsoft’s Equal Pay Commitment

New Tech JobsOn Episode 303 of The Waves of Tech, we dive into a variety of topics that are making headlines and also topics that are interesting to consider.  Yahoo is still in the news as more of the tech companies plan to make a bid for the once popular search engine.  The tech industry job market has drastically changes over the past 10-15 years and have the data to prove it.  Microsoft committed itself to equal pay and equal opportunity to close the inequality gap in its company and we share their latest results.  And finally, NASA troubleshoots the Kepler spacecraft from 75 million miles away!  Enjoy the podcast and continue to ride…the waves of tech.

Google, Verizon ‘Planning to Bid For Yahoo’

Microsoft, Google, Time, AT&T, and Comcast are just a few of the tech giants that are considering a bid to buy Yahoo.  Many of the corporations are planning to buy Yahoo’s core business, which includes search, sports, mail, and digital advertising.  Yahoo still has plenty of value in the tech space and these companies are determining how those core values and business may fit into their needs and overall business development.  More to come on this story and we will continue to follow.

New Tech Jobs Not Around 10 Years Ago

15 years ago we had never heard of a Social Media Manager, a Market Research Data Miner, Cloud Computing Systems Manager, or even a User Experience Designer.  As the technological age has engulfed our nation and our lives, the job market has adjusted rapidly.  We see that tech-related jobs now account for nearly 3.5% of the payroll market in the USA and the number continues to rise.  Information Security Analysts, software and application developers, and database managers and engineers continue to grow.  The tech job market has revolutionized in a short period of 10 to 15 years.

Microsoft announces results of commitment to ensure equal pay for equal work

CEO Nadella set out a few years ago and committed Microsoft to ensuring equal pay and equal opportunity, while fostering a culture of diversity.  As they do every year, the software giant shares their progress as open data on their website.  Since they make their data on equality public, it demonstrates their commitment and drive to close the gender pay gap and create a more diverse, talented, and inclusive workforce.  The report also created transparency for the customer and holds Microsoft accountable for their progress.

NASA scientists telecommute 75 million miles, rescue Kepler spacecraft

The Kepler Spacecraft has proven to be worth every bit of the $600 million is took to build.  Kepler has discovered nearly 2,000 planets outside our solar system and continues to change the face of space and science.  So when Kepler went into Emergency Mode without explanation, NASA engineers got to work troubleshooting the Kepler from 75 million miles away!  The response time on a command sent to Kepler…a mere 13 minutes one way.

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