Nike Technology, The TV Remote And HP Layoffs

Inventor of the remote passes away, HP Layoffs, Memorial Day, and Nike+ Technology

Nike+ Technology for Basketball & Workout Training

Nike has always proven itself to be an innovative and creative company. Nike leads the sports industry in sports apparel, design, and fashion. Their sports equipment is many times the benchmark for other companies. Nike is now introducing Nike+, a new technology based on the needs of the basketball and workout training arena. Customers can now have the same information, measurements, and data that was once only available to elite athletes – jumping height, foot speed, agility, and so much more.

Inventor of the remote passes away

The remote control seems to find its way into so many conversations in today’s world. Many times the remote becomes a point of contention, leading to heated arguments and domestic disputes. It saddens the crew to report that Eugene Polley passed away this past weekend of natural causes. There has been so many technological breakthroughs and innovations throughout history and his invention of the remote control stands on a pedestal of its own. Check out some of these links for some really cool adverstisements of the past. First came the LazyBones, then came Polley’s Flashmatic which was truly remote and wireless, looking like a garden hose and a flashlight. We have now moved to the IR remote and further into touch screens like Pronto or Harmony.

HP Layoffs  Older Companies vs. New Companies

Companies come and go. Some last for centuries and others for a few years. We’ve seen many fall apart in tech bubbles and seen some thrive into the largest blue-chip companies. HP is experiencing quite a different trend since their rise in the 2000s. Announcing a dramatic layoff of 25,000 in the near future, the event begs the question of “What is happening at HP” and “What are the true implications to you and I.” CEO Meg Whitman is storied as a previous CEO of EBay and past candidate in the California Governor’s race. Let’s see what she has in the tank to turn HP back into the household name it once was in so many of our eyes.

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