No More Signal Red Lights

This week on The Waves of Tech 216, we venture down a variety of tech pathways to give you the latest and greatest in the technology. On this week’s show, we discuss the SXSW incident, Starbucks digital tipping, iOS in flight, Audi in-car technology, and Amazon Prime. With a host of topics and little time, please enjoy the latest from the family and we encourage you to continue to ride…that waves of tech.


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SXSW Incident

In some of the saddest news to come out of Austin, Texas, a few attendees of the amazing SXSW event have passed away due to an incident involving a drunk driver plowing into a crowd on event ongoers.  A number of others suffers major to minor injuries, resulting in a charge to the degree of 2 murders and 23 injuries against the drunk driver.  Our thoughts and prayers to all the family, friends, and victims involved.

Starbucks adding digital tipping

Starbucks, after an extensive survey of their customer base, has updated their friendly app to include the option for customers to add a tip to any purchase.  The tip may range from 50 cents to $2…it’s up to you!  The option is available in 7,000 of the coffee magnet’s 11,000 stores nationwide.  So next time you buy a coffee, think of those behind the counter that make your day (and the others around you) a little bit more tolerable.

United Airlines iOS in flight

We continue to see improvements in the tech offerings during in-flight service.  The FAA has loosened rules for use of electronics while in-flight and now United is soon to offer in-flight iOS through their airline application.  This in-flight entertainment service will allow passengers to watch select movies and shows, all in an effort to improve the flying experience.

Audi says “No more red lights”

As we see slower advancements in in-flight technology, the auto industry continues to push the envelope of technology integration.  Audi, unveiling their latest system at CES, is offering drivers a way to never miss another green light.  Audi, with testing operations in Las Vegas and Italy, look for local traffic data to be sent via WiFi to the in-car Audi system.  Here our opinions of how well this will roll out into actual implementation.

Amazon Prime price increase

Amazon is receiving plenty of mixed signals for the soon to be price increase for Prime Membership.  The mere $20 increase is causing some a little bit of heartburn while others consider the increase justifiable and acceptable, given the benefit of quick delivery.  There are rumors that Amazon may be introducing a music streaming service as part of the increase in Prime Membership.  Stay tuned!

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