Office 2016 Mac, OS X El Capitan and Windows 10

Office 2016 MacOn Episode 280 of The Waves of Tech, we are finally back after a two week hiatus.  On this episode, we are celebrating and sharing the success of International Podcast Day.  Next, we dissect a new laptop Dave won and Steve’s new Apple Watch and their first impressions of Windows 10 and the watch.  We share some great ways that training sessions can be improved by incorporating a few subtle tech tips, which engage the audience and participation.  Finally, we dive into the issues faced with OS X El Capitan and Office 2011/2016 for Mac that are causing many problems.  Enjoy the podcast and continue to ride…the waves of tech!

International Podcast Day

On September 30th, the podcasting industry came together from around the globe to celebrate International Podcast Day.  As founders of the day-long celebration, we are pleased to share that the event was a tremendous success.  The event gained the attention of New York Times, iTunes Podcasts, NFL, ESPN, CBS, CBC, and so many more.  With over 11 countries represented, 5,000 Blab viewers, and 46,000 tweets related to Podcast Day, the event was bigger and better than the inaugural event.  If you missed anything, check out #PodcastDay and!

New Laptop & Windows 10 Impression

Dave won a laptop!  It’s the perfect raffle prize for a techie and a podcaster.  After removing all the obnoxious bloatware, he immediately installed Windows 10.  Initial impressions of Windows 10 are great.  Microsoft Edge is sleek, efficient, and quick.  The Start Menu is highly customizable and there are many applications available in the Microsoft Store.  The OS loads quickly and the user experience is quite intuitive.  Windows 10 gains the thumbs up from the Waves of Tech crew.  What about you?

Improve Training Sessions with Tech

Sitting through 8 hours of training can be difficult for anyone.  Most training sessions are unwarranted and sometimes unwanted by employees.  After attending a 8 hour and enjoying it, here are some tips.  Incorporate informative videos regarding your subject matter.  Find local news footage regarding the training topic.  Throw in hilarious, non-related, viral videos to keep the attention and positive tone in the room.  Utilize an interactive test program such as Class Performance System (CPS) that requires the use of a remote for answering questions.  Remember, keep the training interactive and not PowerPoint heavy.

Apple Watch

Steve picked himself up a pretty sweet birthday present – an Apple Watch.  We’ve been talking and debating the functionality, the usability, and the need for an Apple Watch over the past year on the podcast.  Steve has found the Watch to be a very quality.  He can utilize the Watch for tracking notifications, emails, and texts.  He can make a quick call if needed and also finds the friendly reminder to get up and walk around quite handy.  We’d say he’s a happy customer.

OS X El Capitan & Office 2011/2016 Mac

Well, there’s always a few bugs and issues when moving from one OS to another.  In the case of OS X El Capitan, there are some serious problems with integration of Office 2011/2016 for Mac and the latest OS from Apple.  Mac forums are getting flooded with comments and complaints.  Users are frustrated because neither Apple or Microsoft are responding to questions and many are losing precious work time dealing with the incompatibility issues.

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