Online Computer Repair and Amazon’s Domination of the Holiday Season

Welcome to the last podcast of 2012 with the Waves of Tech crew. We wish everyone a happy New Year and a great start to the 2013 season. This week Steve and Dave discuss the “as seen on TV” computer repair options and providing options to the everyday user. Also, we acknowledge the power of Amazon through the holiday season. Enjoy the show and Happy New Year!

As Seen on TV Computer Repair

The airwaves, radio waves, and app waves seem to be inundated with ads claiming that their platform can double the speed of your PC, remove viruses in minutes, and repair computer issues. With a brief review of these programs, the user ratings provided demonstrate a very below average level of service and results for these services. What options exist for the “less-tetchy savvy” crowd out there? Listen to the show and find out!


  • PCmatic, Pcomatic, Fixmypc, My faster PC
  • False positives are an insight to their capabilities
  • Posted on Costco are user reviews of one of these items.  The highest rating was a 1.

Better ways though other well known utilities or sources

  • Glary Utilities
  • CCleaner
  • Malwarebytes
  • Super Anti Spyware
  • Combo fix
  • Spend the money on a technician instead

Amazon Kindle Fire dominates holiday sale

Amazon dominated the online shopping season, peaking at just over 300 items being sold per second! The Kindle Fire, Fire HD Tablet, various TVs, pro line cameras, and video games topped the lists of most popular items. Amazon rapped up their 8th consecutive year of being named the top customer service/satisfaction online distributor. Despite the doom and gloom reports coming from nearly every news outlet center, consumers swarmed to Amazon to conduct their holiday shopping in record numbers.


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