Online Marketing to Kids

Welcome in to Episode 101 of Waves of Tech. We truly appreciate all the responses and interaction from our celebratory 100th Episode last week. So, this week we dive into some interesting topics for you to think about.

Show Notes

First, the marketing business is beyond profitable and an easy target seems to be children. With a huge volume of kids surfing the web, playing online games, and cruising the social networks, it’s fair to say that marketers have found a jackpot. An estimated $1.12 trillion is spent annually by families on items that kids have found online or in-print. We discuss the boundaries and parameters of what marketers are doing. Second, nearly 13% of cell phones users are using their devices to avoid unwanted human interaction. Are you one of ‘em? There are obvious implications involved in knowingly avoiding interaction. We debate. Finally, NASA has a soft spot in the hearts of the crew here at Waves of Tech. With the recent launch of Juno to explore the planet Jupiter, we talk about what it means to continue on past the Space Shuttle missions and the added benefits to society that NASA continues to provide. Again, thanks for support the network and we hope you enjoy riding…the waves of tech.

1. Marketing to kids gets savvy with techology
2. Juno spacecraft right on course after flawless launch
3. Firefox 6 released
4. 13% Use Cell Phones to Avoid Interaction


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