Online Tickets Sales And Composite Sketching Technology

Welcome to Episode 130 of Waves of Tech. Another great show is only a double-click away!! This week, the crews topics including the use of QR Codes in business, the latest numbers in CyberBullying, overpaying for online ticket sales, and advancements in composite sketching technology.

QR Codes – Is anyone using them?
Businesses have only be at the top of their game when it comes to delivering their product and marketing their product. One method used is QR Codes. QR Codes can be used in a wide variety of industries – food, retail sales, service, music, and more. The crazy part of QR Codes is that they are usable from hundreds of feet up in the air. One now is visable from an airplane as you land in Charlotte and more like this are to come. Are they still a useful marketing and business technique?

  • The Largest QR Code in the World
  • Find Intriguing Ways to Use QR Codes

Are we seeing more because of the immediate access or is that we are made more aware of it through media? Events in Jim’s day brought this conversation to light. Looking at the Infographic from Master of Arts in Teaching program at USC,  bullying occurs at a rate of 30% for middle schoolers and 43% of middle schoolers have been threatened with physical harm. As Jim, and maybe yourself, prepare to send students and children on to middle school, we think that they need to be prepared for these numbers. What do you think?

Online Ticket Sales
Everybody loves a Steve rant! And here is another one… Steve always gets the short end of the stick when it comes to most things. He always gets the worst service, the worst weather, and the worst responses when his questions try to get answered. Well, online ticketing firms have been gouging consumers for years with “convenience fees” and “processing fees.” Steve’s recent experience with purchasing tickets online for a regional NASCAR race put him out an additional $46 for no good reason. What happened to technology making things affordable!

Public Safety & Technology: Composite Sketching Technology
Composite sketching has always been a trademark of the law enforcement and public safety industry. These 2-dimensional sketches find their way onto cop show, local evening broadcasts, and on flyers that find their way to your mailbox. In the past 5-10 years, composite 3D technology has evolved. This evolution allows for a more accurate “sketch” of a criminal. With the ability to finely detail the hair, teeth, facial features, and skin tone of a criminal, such technology is leading to a much higher capture rate of sketched criminals. Public safety entities and the public are feeling the benefits of composite-based technology.


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