OS X Yosemite Beta And Criminals Daring The Law

This week on The Waves of Tech 231, there is a host of tech talk to get to and it’s all here!  We discuss a variety of topics:  OS X Yosemite Beta and iOS 8, Apple’s iPhone and iPad financial news, in-car technology advancements, and criminals daring law enforcement to find them.  Each week, the tech world is changing and we are here to share the news, analyze the stories, and tell you what you need to know about them all.  Enjoy the show and we hope you continue to ride…those waves of tech.

Fire and Adjust
Steve had the pleasure of being a guest on Episode 37 of Fire and Adjust.  The podcast hosts veterans of the Armed Forces, tells their stories of success since leaving the service, and shares their entrepreneurial spirits.  As a great way of supporting veterans, check out this podcast and share their stories with your friends, family members, and veterans of the Armed Forces.

OS X Yosemite Beta; iOS 8 and OS X
In most cases, beta is something that consumers don’t want to be a part of.  Well in this case, Steve came running and tested the beta of OS X Yosemite.  With some added aesthetics elements and an updated Finder application, Steve has found that the beta version has caused no failures, no problems, or no issues with the programs and platforms he is using.  What has been your experience with the Beta?

iPads dip and iPhones roar
As a complement to last week’s story of increasing PC sales, we thought we’d share some Apple news.  Internationally, we are seeing a drastic increase in iPhones sales but are also seeing a decrease in overall iPad sales.  We can attribute the increases to the countries of Brazil, Russia, India, and China (BRIC).  There are a variety of reasons for the drop:  saturation in the tablet market, high prices, amount of use, and limited day-in day-out usage.

Catch me if you can
We have all seen World’s Dumbest Criminals on television and are never surprised as to what they do.  Well, there are just as dumb criminals in cyberspace.  In Baltimore, a criminal that violated his probation comments on the Baltimore PD’s #WantedWednesday post by stating that there was no way law enforcement would find him.  Well, within the next 24 hours…he was caught and sent back to jail.  Never underestimate the dumb criminal in the world.

Cadillac Powermat Charging
We love talking about in-car technology and in-car innovations.  Benz, Mercedes, Ford, and Toyota have all integrated very cool tech.  GM is introducing a new feature in some focused Cadillac models – Powermat wireless charging.  Hidden within the center console, the charging system is well located and well integrated.  This should make traveling with family and friends a little bit easier!

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