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Jameson – Technology | Sports | Education

jamesonMy name is Jameson; I have worked for the Technology market industry for four years. Technology news grasped my attention the most. In the early days, I started my journey with an ordinary author. I achieved a higher position by moving forward with great hard work and passion. As I believe in working hard and putting my soul into my work, I have accomplished so much success and place in Thewavesoftech, and now I have confidence that I am the spin of this network. I have a vision of touching the sky. I wish to see this industry on a global scale one day. My other duties are being a contributor and an editor of the technology segment. I critically analyze companies and pick out the most significant information for the investor network.

Address: 715 Kennedy Court Worcester, MA 01609, United States of America

Jason – Travel | Education |


My Name is Jason Basler, and I am also the main source from Thewavesoftech of all the exclusive and most delicate visualizations of the activities in the education sector. My first step towards this journey was taken in the very early years of my life. I started with an independent Science and Gamer. However, I only had almost four years of skills and experience in this market. I have always been a free personality and like to fly from one place to another to explore more and more. Moreover, this passion and travel craze allowed me to report a section for the best news associations. Last but not least, I am presently working full-time as an editor.

Address: 4840 Crim Lane Dayton, OH 45402, United States of America

Kitely – Business | Finance | Tech & Service Sector


Kitely known as Kitely Parker, I am a writer and an industrialist. My age is 33 years. I aim to gather the attention of the targeted audience without being boring and unexciting. I like writing my views and thoughts for my book lovers or readers in my free time. My most preferred articles are usually about services and business, finance; however, I have written various topics in my articles. I do not have a specific genre. I get very creative when I have to express myself. I often sing, write, or draw to portray my feelings. Regarding my free time, or you can say ‘ME-TIME,’ I love to play with my cat, sleep an extra hour, or play my favorite video game.

Address: 3287 Sycamore Fork Road, Pompano Beach, FL 33064, United States of America

Lara  – Fashion | Entertainment | Health


I am Lara Slowik; I have done my bachelor’s in English literature and my master’s in Arts. My most preferred genre of writing is health and biotech, Entertainment. I have been writing for the past six years about articles, web content, and blogs. In my career and education, I like to play along with work. I have also been a teacher in the past for two years. I used to teach business and technical writing at a very famous university. However, most recently! I am working as an instructor, designer, and training writer. I enjoy socializing a lot. I am a huge extrovert when it comes to nature. Apart from all this, I enjoy exploring the world and traveling makes me happy.

Address: 3136 Gordon Street, Chino, CA 91710, United States of America