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If you’re tired of the complicated and drawn-out explanations when it comes to technology, this is the podcast for you! Join us as we discuss and analyze the industry focusing on how it relates to you and influences your daily life. We cover the entire spectrum of technology – business, media, healthcare, government, space, security, education, social media, privacy, e-commerce, aeronautics, and more.

FAA Sanctions Drone Delivery

We kick off the new year talking about Twitch, tech resolutions, drone deliveries, and CES 2021. Twitch had its best year ever, clocking 17 billion hours watched in 2020 which is leading to the question of how they did it and how and if it can be sustained. Tech resolutions are always fun to consider, and we each share two resolutions this coming year. The FAA has passed their final rules to allow drone delivery, and we dissect these rules and share our thoughts on where the industry is moving and what must change. Lastly, CES 2021 kicked off this week, so we take a quick look at some items that have caught our attention during the first first days.

Recapping The 2020 Tech Industry

We are recapping the 2020 tech industry. SpaceX and NASA take the top mention this year purely based on their overall successes in terms of launching from American soil and the number of positive results in space travel. COVID-19 turned the tech industry in a new direction, as education, conferences, production, and more areas resulted in wholesale changes in how business is conducted and orchestrated. Big tech was once again challenged in many respects as executives and corporations felt the pressure from federal, state, and international governments. Apple turned another successful year as they turned to manufacturing their own chips and enhanced their services market. Streaming services continued to battle for money and attention as people’s viewing habits changed as a result of the pandemic and their day-to-day routines. And finally, the rollout of 5G made headlines leaving most users unhappy yet showed promise in terms of capability.

SpaceX and NASA Launches

A Very COVID Holiday

Peloton has acquired Precor for around $420 million, which will expand the capacity and manufacturing of in-home cycling equipment to meet the growing demand from Peloton users. After years of failure with making DirecTV viable, AT&T is looking to shed the service from their books as they seek bids to take over the cable offerings. As most 2021 conferences are heading, CES will be an all-digital event featuring plenty of executives and hundreds of tracks for attendees. With the holidays days and weeks away, Zoom and other video conferencing services are confident they can meet the online demand as families and friends shift to gathering online to celebrate with one another.

Big Tech Moving to Texas

Major players in the industry like HP, Tesla, and Oracle are packing up their offices, leaving California, and relocating to Texas. Google experienced a major outage causing hours of disruption to personal productivity and enterprise companies. To compliment their current suite of services with a modern communication tool, Salesforce acquired Slack for a mere $27 billion. Amazon is finally rolling out Sidewalk, a mechanism to use small fractions of home Wi-Fi to connect out of range eligible devices.

European Space Agency’s Space Claw

In a unique play to clean up space junk, the European Space Agency is working to build a claw to grip and direct defunct satellites into Earth’s atmosphere. It’s with some anticipation that we learned Ajit Pai, FCC Chairman, is leaving his post in January which opens the doors for restatement of net neutrality regulation. Zoom reported this week that, once again, their revenue soared to record numbers as they continue to experience exponential growth during the pandemic. Apple is new circulating hardware with their latest and self manufactured M1 chip, and we hear a story of the good and bad with one such Apple setup.

Being Thankful for Tech

We are diving into a bit of a Thanksgiving special this week. With the holidays around the corner, we share what technologies we are truly thankful and appreciative of this year. Google has teamed up with a non-profit organization to build an application to assist blind and visually-impaired runners with technology to safely traverse a course. Lime, an e-scooter company, made headlines when they announced being profitable for the first time in company history and showing perhaps a bright future. Black Friday is just around the corner and we offer up some predictions on what items may be the high sellers this season.

Google Arts & Culture

Google announced the launch of Google Arts & Culture, a new digital platform featuring numerous museums and artifacts from around the world. Google Photos will soon be limiting storage capacity and will transition users over into using Google One for their storage needs. Customer service continues to be particularly hard hit during the public health crisis and a few stories are shared to illustrate the issues. A former Microsoft software engineer stole millions via their online retail system which landed the individual in federal prison and may result in deportation back to his home of Ukraine.

LG Unveils Purifier Mask

With the holidays around the corner, a new laptop or tablet is a great gift to consider and we have some options to share. LG has introduced a high-tech designed face mask with filters, batteries, and fans to provide a virus-free breathing environment. Ransomware continues to rise in dangerous fashion with no near end in sight and it is problematic for professionals and business owners. Proposition 22 in California will ultimately decide how app-based drivers are classified and how liable companies will become.

OSIRIS-REx Mission And Limited Internet Access

A viral post of a 10-year old student having to walk to school to get internet access went viral and shows the growing gap of digital equity. NASA successfully landed the OSIRIS spacecraft onto an asteroid traveling at 65,000 mph and gathered some surface material for analysis. Tesla is continuing to impress as net cash flow is up and their annual manufacturing goal of 500,000 new vehicles is nearing completion.

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