Covering Every Angle of Technology

If you’re tired of the complicated and drawn-out explanations when it comes to technology, this is the podcast for you! Join us as we discuss and analyze the industry focusing on how it relates to you and influences your daily life. We cover the entire spectrum of technology – business, media, healthcare, government, space, security, education, social media, privacy, e-commerce, aeronautics, and more.

CUE Conference 2019

We are featuring conversations from the CUE conference in Palm Springs where technology and education were center stage. CUE is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit community of connected educators focused on improving education for all learners and is the conference is a must go-to for educators. We talked with Kristina Ishmael (open educational resources expert), Hans Tullman (STEAM technology specialist), Matt Markstone (educator and former instructional technology coordinator), and Adrienne White (Director of Marketing for Ozobot). Topics range from media and information literacy, equity in the classroom, benefits of shifting away from traditional textbooks, importance of educator professional development, creating better citizens through instruction, and various technology in education talking points.

Brand Alignment Strategist Stephen A Hart

Stephen A. Hart – Brand Alignment Strategist, host of the Trailblazers.FM podcast, and founder of Brand You Academy.  In today’s digital workplace and economy, a personal brand is vital to the your success. We cover what branding means and why it really matters for you as an individual. A brand built on clarity, experience, and service is the ultimate goal.  A host of technology resources are available to maximize your ability to create a lasting and memorable brand, such as colors, fonts, graphics, and a website. But don’t neglect task managers, organizational tools, and social media schedulers. Stephen shares personal stories and provides several tips to create a profitable and effective brand.

Happy Birthday World Wide Web And Big Tech Break Up

The world wide web turned thirty years old today! The origins of the web is a great story and spawned a revolution in how we conduct business and communicate.  After two fatal crashes of their 737 Max 8 airliners, Boeing is pushing out a software update in an attempt to remedy some system and design flaws. The movement to break up the big technology companies is hitting the political arena as Elizabeth Warren made waves with comments while at SXSW.  Finally, Mozilla is offer a new file sharing service to users that is easy, convenient, and encrypted.

China’s Social Credit System And France Levies Tax On Internet Giants

We learned this week that the French government is set to decide on implementing a new tax on internet giants that profit on targeted digital advertising and re-selling of personal user data. The Chinese government has a system in place – the social credit score – that ranks individual citizens and that scores provides certain freedoms such as travel, mortgages, and choice of school. Retail stores around the United States and abroad continue to close but it is for many more reasons that simply Amazon and the online shopping spike.

The Intersection Of Technology And Safety With Blaine Hoffmann, MS OSHM

We are joined by a special guest – Blaine Hoffmann of The SafetyPro Podcast.  Blaine joins us to dive into the intersection of technology and safety in today’s workplaces. Among the topics we cover include drone use in the safety industry; pros and cons of online training; using technology to reduce hazards; application management systems; and data management.  We discuss the importance of building a foundational community of partners that believe in safety. Empowering employees with technology is a major step in creating a smart and adaptable safety cultural.

Move Over QVC Amazon Home Shopping Channel Is Here

The future of aviation is trying to be disrupted by supersonic flight, but the reality is that traditional commercial flight is safe, profitable, economic, and popular. Amazon Live premiered this week showcasing a number online products during their live broadcast with the anticipation of taking more eyes from television and providing more options to their customers. There are some really great apps out there (Truebill, SubscriptMe, Overflow) that can help you track all those pesky subscriptions you have to manage into your finances. A professor in New York came across his childhood Apple IIe that was still working and was able to play some vintage games in front of his children.

Clippy Back In The News And Amazon Buys Router Technology

It has been one year since SpaceX launched Starman in a Tesla Roadster, so we check in to see how the travels are going. Microsoft’s Clippy emerged from the recycle bin for an inclusive interview; his comments are hilarious. Amazon just bought Eero, a mesh router technology company with plans to simplify the smart home WiFi and integration problems plaguing many homes. And finally, Microsoft is essentially encouraging users and businesses to stop using Internet Explorer.

FCC In Court And Poor AT&T Decisions

In 1999, Bill Gates made 15 incredible predictions that sounded outrageous but came true in under 20 years. Several tech companies and advocacy groups took the FCC to court last week in a major attempt to reinstate net neutrality regulations and the Open Internet Order of 2015. After racking up $150 billion in debt over four years, AT&T is now losing consumers at a significant rate and passing incremental costs off to their customers. Google Plus is shutting down in April of this year leaving some groups curious of where to go. Lastly, $190 million of cryptocurrency is gone forever after the CEO unexpectedly passed away and did not leave a record of passwords.

Tech Layoffs Explained and Mars Opportunity Dies

Thanks to a great Twitter thread, we help explain why and how this layoffs are happening. NASA announced the death of Mars Opportunity, as scientists have been unable to communicate with the rover since a major dust event. In Microsoft news, the software hub took to the blog to announce reserving several gigs of hard drive space for future use during automatic upgrades. And finally we share the story of Captain Rosemary Mariner, a very important figure in the United States Navy and aviation history.

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