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If you’re tired of the complicated and drawn-out explanations when it comes to technology, this is the podcast for you! Join us as we discuss and analyze the industry focusing on how it relates to you and influences your daily life. We cover the entire spectrum of technology – business, media, healthcare, government, space, security, education, social media, privacy, e-commerce, aeronautics, and more.

NASA’s New Technology And FCC Robocall Blocking

We kick off the show talking about the changing landscape of the video and gaming industry as E3 in Los Angeles is in full swing. NASA has launched a new deep space atomic clock into orbit with plans of testing a one-way signal communication between Earth’s satellites and a space unit. The FCC recently approved default robocall blocking options for the phone carriers in the United States. Lastly, we dive into the geopolitical war playing out between the US and Huawei and tell you what it means for future device manufacturing and 5G development.

Eero Mesh Review And Napster

On Episode 448 of the Waves of Tech, we are covering a wide spectrum of technology news that matters to you as a consumer. Eero is a simplified and app-based home mesh WiFi network that is proving to be the future of wireless connectivity. Apple made news at WWDC with their announcement of a new sign-in-with feature focused on burner emails and user privacy. The list of most valuable private companies – including tech, healthcare, fitness, wealth management, and shared workspaces – is shifting with the influx of venture capital funds. Netflix and Disney are making boycott statements due to political positions from some states here in the United States. And finally, Napster was born 20 years ago and made a lasting impact on the music industry.

Walmart Tablets And Canva Security Breach

Apple is now required by a U.K. consumer watchdog organization to warn and inform users about potential battery issues resulting from software updates. Walmart recently launched a new economical line of tablets, at the cost of $64-$99, that are perfect for home use and families. Canva suffered a security incident, but their amazing response to the situation is what is the talking point this time around. And, you can now pay for your AT&T bills using various forms of cryptocurrency.

Requiring Businesses To Accept Cash Payment

The city of San Francisco bans brick-and-mortar stores from only accepting app-based and credit card forms of payment, requiring all businesses to take cash. In an eight year court battle, Apple users are now allowed to sue the Cupertino tech giant over fees and commissions charged for app purchases. After the news of the death of Doris Day, her Wikipedia page was immediately defaced raising questions of their open source method of updating information. Uber failed to impressive many Wall Street investors with a lackluster IPO and a less than optimistic future of profitability.

IT Stories And Windows 7 Nag

We share some personal IT stories that have shaped the beginning of our weeks and proudly support the men and women behind the scenes getting things up and running. Microsoft is attempting to modernize the voting system around the world with their new open source and free software called ElectionGuard. The art and enjoyment of magazines is fading away quickly and share why their place in today’s world still matters. Microsoft is also pushing out prompt messages letting users now to migrate to Windows 10 as support for Windows 7 support nears the end of life in January 2020. With Mother’s Day right around the corner, we share some technology related gift ideas that will surely bring a smile to the faces of your loved ones.

A World Without Passwords

The technology industry is slowing moving away from the antiquated concept of passwords into a realm of web authentication. We discuss what that looks like and why it is so important. AT&T announced that over the next few years, 5G pricing on their network will take shape and we discuss the implications of 5G data consumption on data plans. Trust is at an all-time low for big tech following misuse of data, congressional hearings, and data hacking loss. Yet, we continue to use their services without holding companies accountable. Lastly, we share news of Amazon testing 1-day free shipping for Prime account holders and Microsoft’s $1 trillion market valuation.

Game Boy Turns 30 And Mobile Payment Outcry

A recent Microsoft Windows patch led to a host of issues for third party anti-malware software, essentially breaking all programs from operating properly. JCPenney ripped Apple Pay from their retail locations nationwide and this caused the Apple Pay fan club to voice their laughable, irrational, and overreacting thoughts on social media. Over 41 million UK users have chosen to use incredibly simply passwords that in turn resulted in data breaches, loss of personal information, and security leaks. The Nintendo Game Boy celebrated its 30th birthday this month and we share to importance of the first handheld device in the gaming industry.

A Data-pocalypse. How Much Data Are We Generating?

We are losing are losing our appetite for downloading apps across all operating systems as developers are seeing limited new downloads and more established apps soaring. In a staggering new infographic released, we dissect the volume of data used globally per minute and annually. The numbers from messaging, video streaming, wearables, and views are downright impressive. Bird is really suffering financial and have adjusted their pricing to stay afloat and respond to more cities placing more fees for use. And talks of banning facial recognition technology are back in the news as the battle for use and protection of civil and privacy rights surfaces.

Verizon 5G Rollout And Apple Original Programming

First, we dissect the issues Verizon is having with their 5G rollout in Chicago and share what the impact could be if they do not figure the technology out sooner than later. Second, the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show is back in Las Vegas. The event is packed with plenty to discuss as we have witnessed major shifts over the last decade in the broadcasting scene. Lastly, Apple’s long awaiting spin into the entertainment side of the business has occurred with the announcement of Apple TV+. Time will tell as to whether their new original programming is embraced by the loyal users and if new users are willing to pay.

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