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If you’re tired of the complicated and drawn-out explanations when it comes to technology, this is the podcast for you! Join us as we discuss and analyze the industry focusing on how it relates to you and influences your daily life. We cover the entire spectrum of technology – business, media, healthcare, government, space, security, education, social media, privacy, e-commerce, aeronautics, and more.

Grade betting, IT Morale and e-personation

Grade betting, RIAA, Intel, IT Morale and e-personation

Show Notes

1. Students Bet on Their Grades…ONLINE!

A new website allows for students to wager on their future grades for the upcoming semester. The potential of earning an extra $50 to $100 for getting a decent grade seems to be working for Ultrinsic.com. Would you place an online bet for your grades? Let us know.

2. Kmart followup letter

Steve provides a followup response from the KMART corporate office regarding his recent “situation” in the store. Did their response provide some answers to our burning questions? Did KMART do enough to bring Steve back to their store?

3. Cell Phones and FM chips? (RIAA)

The RIAA is at it again, but this time they are threatening a much bigger industry. RIAA is lobbying to require FM radio chips to be installed in all cell phones and mobile devices. The Waves of Tech believes the RIAA may be endorsing a course of action that is outdated and unwanted.

4. Intel acquires McAfee

How much and how valuable is McAfee? According to Intel, McAfee is worth about $7.68 billion. Intel says that the cyber threat landscape has changed dramatically over the past few years, making this marriage of companies a must. So, what is on the horizon for this dynamic duo? Steve and Mikee break it down.

5. IT Morale

IT job satisfaction is at an all-time low. Many IT professionals work upwards of 70+ hours a week. What can be done to improve morale? What is causing the drop in morale? Mikee and Steve provide some great insight and explanation into the processes and inner workings of the IT field.

6. California moves to outlaw online “e-personation”

CA State Senator Joe Simitian has drafted new legislation about e-personation. Simitian says that the “old laws against fraud or defamation just aren’t cutting it anymore.” The bill awaits Governor Schwarzenegger’s signature. Listen in and check out the show notes link here for more details.

Best Buy shenanigans, Kmart, Blackberry App

Best Buy shenanigans, Kmart again, Blackberry app and Social Media Billions.

Show Notes

Is your mobile device always in reach?

  • Always on my person (58%)
  • Always within my vicinity (28%)
  • It’s a 50-50 split (11%)
  • I’m always having to look for it (3%)

The Waves of Tech crew quickly dissects the poll results. Thanks for your   participation everyone. We love the feedback and your willingness to help us out.

2. Blackberry Podcast App

Get free podcasts delivered directly to you with the BlackBerry Podcast app. Subscribe to your favorite podcasts or download new ones. Blackberry has designed a native app that is user based and friendly. Get it! It’s free and the Waves of Tech Media Network shows will be on there soon.

3.The shenanigans of Best Buy continue

What is Best Buy up to now!?!? To optimize or not to optimize using Best Buy services, that is the question. Relive Dave’s story of his recent visit to Best Buy in helping a co-worker pick out a new laptop. Broken manufacturer seals, “Inspected By Best Buy” stickers, and more Tom Foolery.

4. Kmart crap again

How many times have you answered a survey question before paying with your credit card at a store? Probably quite a few and probably without much thinking about it. Steve addresses the concerns about answering these questions and explains how data is being used to the business’ advantage.

5. Worldwide Advertising On Social Networks Estimated To Hit $3.3 Billion In 2010

We all know that advertising is big business worldwide. Social networks are estimated to bring in arounf $3.3 billion this year with an anticipated increase of 25% in 2011. Where do Myspace, Facebook, and social gaming sites fit into the equation. Listen in and follow the show note link here.

Cell phones and cancer, Thieves, Patch Tuesday and iPad

In today’s show we discuss Cell phones and cancer, Thieves, Patch Tuesday and iPad.

Show Notes

1. Cell phones and cancer research

INTERPHONE, a European Union funded research study, concluded their 5-year study on the relationship between cells phones and brain cancer. What conclusions did the research find? Should we be worried? Find out if there are clear answers to this question.

2.Thieves hate fuel-efficient cars

There are plenty of benefits to having a hybrid vehicle. Less emissions, lower gas cost, and saving Mother Nature. Well, have you ever thought about auto theft? Tune in to find out what we are talking about!

3. Microsoft sets record breaking Patch Tuesday

Microsoft is releasing a mega patch. The update contains 14 security bulletins and a record-tying 34 vulnerabilities in Office, Silverlight, IE, and Windows. Steve and Mike offer their insights. Dave sits back and listens. Finally, we briefly talk about the Windows 7 phone.

4. iPad review.  The iPad is a great content consumption device.  Don’t think it is a computer, because it’s not.  Where do you place it on your coffee table?  Listen and find out.

Roku review, Twitter mood swings, ISS space walk

In today’s show we discuss the Roku, Twitter mood swings, ISS space walk Android apps and content display overload.

Show Notes

1. Roku review

Steve provides a great review of his experience with the Roku device. The Roku instantly streams Netflix, MLB.TV, Pandora, Amazon Video, and much more through your TV. Is it difficult to setup? How easy does it work? Take a listen and find out!

2.Twitter study finds user mood swings

What can Twitter tell us about people’s moods throughout the day? Well, a lot to start with. A recent study finds the times in the day when people are at their happiest, saddest, and irritated. If this interests you, watch your Twitter stream for similar trends.

3. Would you pay for twitter?

This is a question worth asking yourself. Your answer may depend on how you “use” Twitter – personal use or business use. The crew shares their thoughts. Share your thoughts with us as well.

4. ISS Emergency space walk

The six-member International Space Station crew is gearing up to make two emergency space walks to repair two broken cooling systems. The crew members are in no immediate danger with the cooling system down.

5. Display OVERLOAD!

Images, graphics, and displays are very prominent on television stations now. Sports show, political shows, and talk show seem to have a limitless supply of them streaming at one time. Do you consider them a distraction or a nuisance?

6. Android Wallpaper App Stole Scores of Users’ Data, Sent it to China

Did you happen to download the Jackeey Wallpaper app from the Android market? If you did, your data has been collected and sold to China. The guys over at Lookout revealed this information during a presentation at Black Hat.


Where we have been and where we are going

How has technology changed or influenced your life? WOT is celebrating its 50th episode. Where we have been and where we are going with the Waves of Tech podcast. Listen and find out

Show Notes

In celebration of Waves of Tech’s 50th episode, we discuss how technology has changed our lives.  We also uncover the history and background of Waves of Tech and where are we going from here.  A must listen.

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Government websites and Blockbuster

In this week’s episode, the Waves of Tech crew discusses the new and improved State of California website and the talk continues with thoughts on Apple providing free cases to all iPhone 4 users. Twitter may have found a way to generate some revenue through their @earlybird account. Finally, a discussion on subscription streaming services and the next step Redbox is taking.

Show Notes

1. California Wins “Top Government Website” Award

Juggle.com reviewed all fifty state websites to determine how each site applies web technology to serve its citizens. They called the California (CA.gov) site “incredibly useful and usable.” So, how often do you visit your State’s website? Have you incorporated some RSS feeds into your daily news review? Do you find it useful? We discuss.

2. iPhone cases

Apple announced Friday they will provide a free case to all iPhone 4 users who purchase a phone prior to 30 September to correct for the antenna issue.  You can place an order later this week on the apple.com website.  You also have an option of returning the phone for a refund.

3. Twitter @earlybird

Twitter has designed a follow account to provide exclusive deals from the company’s advertising partners and other businesses. Will you follow?

4. Blockbuster out. Netflix, Redbox, and Hulu in.

The popularity of subscription streaming services continues to rise. Blockbuster has fallen far behind and now Netflix and Hulu control the market. But, what does Redbox have to say about that? We discuss Redbox’s next move.

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iPhone 4 Review, and AT&T vs. Verizon

This week on Waves of Tech: iPhone 4 review, AT&T vs. Verizon, Yelp Class Action Lawsuit and Windows XP SP2 support to end.

Show Notes

1. iPhone review

2. AT&T vs. Verizon: iPhone

3. Yelp – Class action suit

4. Support for Windows XP SP2 and Windows 2000 Ends July 13, 2010

5. 3D TV?

6. Microsoft publicly releases Windows 7 SP1 beta

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Google Chrome, iPhone Sales and Windows 8

This week on Waves of Tech: Google Chrome, iPhone Sales, Google Me, Windows 8 and tech and the consumer.

Podcasting With Ray

E-Book price war, Windows Live, IOS 4, and special guest Ray The Podcast Helper.

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