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If you’re tired of the complicated and drawn-out explanations when it comes to technology, this is the podcast for you! Join us as we discuss and analyze the industry focusing on how it relates to you and influences your daily life. We cover the entire spectrum of technology – business, media, healthcare, government, space, security, education, social media, privacy, e-commerce, aeronautics, and more.

Attention Needs To School Bullying – QCE 7

Attention needs to school bullying, Google reader for simplicity and the Environmental Protection Agency fines.

Road Trip California to Missouri – QCE 6

In this Quick Cast, I talk about state infrastructure systems, driver behavior, road trip games, and the growing alternative energy presence.

BMW iPad, Battery 500 project, and Facebook Phone

iPad installation on your new BMW, IBM’s Battery 500 project, more Internet Explorer 9 and Facebook phone is it real?

Show Notes

1. BMW brings Apple’s iPad to the back seat in X3

Need a bracket holder for your new iPad on those long road trips? Do you have a BMW X3 Crossover? If so, you are in luck! BMW is introducing a new holder during their Paris Showroom Event. These optional holders should save the consumer a few bucks and avoid using other misfitted and awkward units.

2. IE 9 review

As discussed in Episode 57, Steve provides an in-depth look into the features and functions of IE 9 Beta. Items such as Pinned Sites, Performance Advisors, and Download Manager are on the table. But what is Steve’s favorite element of IE 9. Listen in and find out. Our listeners provide feedback as well.

From Facebook Fans:

Robert:  I have. Tons better than IE8, but still has some quirks. Some pages simply don’t load correctly. Especially pages that have fields that need input.

Mathew: lookin a lot like chrome to me but it looks nice id say it performs better than 8 for sure

WOT: Though I’m on a Mac’s I did test it in a VM. Certainly the best IE yet but what I like is IE finally conforms to W3C standards

Mathew: that is very nice one site fits all

WOT: So true! Eventually no more separate CSS code for IE.  Eventually. We still write to e IE6 compatible. Ugh.

3. IE 9 Architect

The Waves of Tech crew is noticing a trend. Everytime a architect or engineering hits the pinnacle of success at a company, he or she jumps ships to another company. The head IE 9 architect is now employed by Google.

4. IBM’s “Battery 500 Project”

IBM is in the process of using Lithium-Ion battery technology to create a battery with nearly 500 miles per charge cycle. This new battery is called “Lithium Air.” IBM hopes to cash in on the movement in China that calls for 50% of their vehicles to be battery operated by 2020. What do Steve and Dave think of the possibility of this technology being introduced into the US car industry?

5. Facebook Phone?

What is Facebook up to now?!?! There have been questions swirling the tech world that Facebook is getting ready to manufacture a phone. Are they attempting to saturate the social media platform? Steve and Dave discuss the implications of more cell phone options and whether Facebook should really venture into this market.


Word Camp, Boxee Box, Going Paperless and IE 9

Word Camp, Boxee Box, Going Paperless and Internet Explorer 9

Show Notes

1. Wordcamp LA
2. Boxee Box pre-order started yesterday
D-Link has signed up Amazon http://amzn.to/theboxeeboxbydlink (in the US)

3.  Going paperless

4. IE 9 Public Beta

5. Google engineer fired for snooping on underage teens

6. Adobe releases 64-bit Flash for Windows, Mac & Linux


Rambles, Rants, and Nonsense – QCE 5

Quick Hits. Rambles, rants, and nonsense. Information Technology, Sports, Music and Entertainment.

IOS 4.1, Google instant and aggressive marketing

iPad for your home, search ads, IOS 4.1, Google instant and aggressive marketing

Show Notes

1. Run your home on an iPad

2. Aggressive Marketing Campaigns using Technology

3. Leaked Google Documents Reveal How Much Big Brands Spend on Search Ads

4.  New Google instant search

5.  Today IOS 4.1

6. We are going to Word Camp LA

What Do You Do When You Are Home Alone – QCE 4

Thoughts on Matt Leinar and what is a man to do when you are home alone. Sports Unleashed Podcast.

Social Networking For Seniors and Apple’s Announcements

Technology Leads Park Visitors Into Trouble, Social Networking For Seniors, and Apple’s Announcements.

Show Notes

1. Technology Leads Park Visitors Into Trouble

The National Park Service is experiencing a massive increase in search and rescue calls. Park visitors believe technology, such as cell phones and GPS devices, can be used anytime and without consequence. Visitors are placing themselves in dangerous situations with the assumption that technology will “save” them. We discuss some of the stories in Episode 55.

2. Social Networking Use Surging For Seniors

The Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project performed a study on the growth patterns associated with social networking and seniors. The study found that social networking has almost doubled among this population, growing from 22% to 42% over the past year.

3.Apple’s Announcements

Steve and Mikee provide a rundown of Apple’s announcements on Wednesday. With changes to iPods, Apple TV, and iTunes, what did Mikee and Steve like and dislike about the updated products? As expected, Mikee is honest with his assessment of Apple and what it does (or doesn’t) do for him.

Grade betting, IT Morale and e-personation

Grade betting, RIAA, Intel, IT Morale and e-personation

Show Notes

1. Students Bet on Their Grades…ONLINE!

A new website allows for students to wager on their future grades for the upcoming semester. The potential of earning an extra $50 to $100 for getting a decent grade seems to be working for Ultrinsic.com. Would you place an online bet for your grades? Let us know.

2. Kmart followup letter

Steve provides a followup response from the KMART corporate office regarding his recent “situation” in the store. Did their response provide some answers to our burning questions? Did KMART do enough to bring Steve back to their store?

3. Cell Phones and FM chips? (RIAA)

The RIAA is at it again, but this time they are threatening a much bigger industry. RIAA is lobbying to require FM radio chips to be installed in all cell phones and mobile devices. The Waves of Tech believes the RIAA may be endorsing a course of action that is outdated and unwanted.

4. Intel acquires McAfee

How much and how valuable is McAfee? According to Intel, McAfee is worth about $7.68 billion. Intel says that the cyber threat landscape has changed dramatically over the past few years, making this marriage of companies a must. So, what is on the horizon for this dynamic duo? Steve and Mikee break it down.

5. IT Morale

IT job satisfaction is at an all-time low. Many IT professionals work upwards of 70+ hours a week. What can be done to improve morale? What is causing the drop in morale? Mikee and Steve provide some great insight and explanation into the processes and inner workings of the IT field.

6. California moves to outlaw online “e-personation”

CA State Senator Joe Simitian has drafted new legislation about e-personation. Simitian says that the “old laws against fraud or defamation just aren’t cutting it anymore.” The bill awaits Governor Schwarzenegger’s signature. Listen in and check out the show notes link here for more details.

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