Paper Receipts and Time Zone Social Media

Welcome to Episode 90! We hope you enjoy the show because we had fun recording it. We have plenty of stories and topics this week on the Waves of Tech: Facebook helps police in a vandalism case, McDonald’s replaces people with touchscreens, and Amazon introduces their new electronic buy back program…and that’s just the beginning! We discuss how social media can ruin your plans when considering time zones and Steve is living proof that Mac viruses do exist. Finally, we explore some tips to help you separate your personal & professional life online. Join us this week, as we ride….the waves of tech.

Show Notes
1. Today’s story: Facebook helps local police in vandalism case
2. McDonald’s orders 7,000 touchscreen kiosks to replace cashiers
3. Amazon buy back
4. Social media to time zone events
5. Mac Virus – Oh Yes – Living proof
6. The new receipt
7. 5 Tips To Separate Personal And Professional Life Online


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