Paying for TV and Show 100 Celebration

Welcome to a celebratory episode of Waves of Tech. We finally reached the century mark for the podcast…EPISODE 100!

Show Notes

Riding the waves of tech the past few years has come with its fair share of ups, downs, failures, successes, and struggles. We started not knowing how this network and show would evolve or how long we would do this, testing the tech waters week by week. We soon found out that podcasting was educational, informative, and fun to do! We want to thank each and every one of our listeners for support the show week after week. We love podcasting and we hope you love the content we provide on a regular basis. For this episode, Debbie from Busy Ladies & John from Google at a Glance stop in to share the moment. We cover a few tech topics of the week and then dive right into some excerpts and highlights from the past 99 shows, starting with Episode 1. Be sure and listen to the entire show in order to have a chance to win some free stuff? And who doesn’t like free stuff. Thanks again for support us and continue to ride the waves of tech.

1.  Email still top Internet activity

2.  M&M’s causing bullying

3.  Last quarter 193,000 people stopped paying for TV

4. Boxee for iPad released

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