Your Personal Data, do you care? and Disabilities in the Workplace

The Waves of Tech comes to you this week with a host of new tech talk.  Dave provides discussion on assistive technologies and how they are playing a major role in the workplace for workers with physical disabilities.  With the latest news of personal data collection and analysis, Steve throws out a discussion on the importance, or lack thereof, we place on personal data today.

Big gains for disabled workers in the workplace

28 million Americans are deaf, blind, or have a serious physical, emotional, or mental condition that prevents many from holding full time employment.  With a surge in the assistive technologies market, estimated to be near $55 billion in 2016, many disabled workers are securing and maintaining healthy incomes.  Unemployment rates are dropping at steady rates and job opportunity for disabled workers is rising comparable to the non-disabled workforce.

Your personal data. Do you care?

With so much attention placed on the use and siphoning of personal data in the NSA versus Edward Snowden battle, it’s a good time to have a healthy conversation about our personal data and whether or not we care about what is out there, how it is used, and where it goes.  Personal data is everyone, located and stores by all financial institutions, health offices, tech firms, places of employment, and so much more.  Do you care about your personal data?

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