Personal Devices At Work

We have a big lineup for the show and we begin our podcast with a few items and brief discussion related to Apple’s Campus 2 future, Microsoft’s Windows 8.1 release, and Apple announcements speculations.  For the main topic of the show, we find that most employees really want to use their personal devices at work.  So, we throw some ideas around as to some of the consequences and positives associated with that venture.

Apple’s ‘Spaceship’-Inspired Campus 2 Approved By Cupertino City Council

Apple has the blessing of the Cupertino City Council to move forward with the building of Apple’s spaceship-inspired Campus 2.  The newest campus, expected to be around 37 million square feet, will boast several employee friendly elements and research labs.  Campus 2 is one of the last visions of the late Steve Jobs.  If you haven’t seen the campus, follow the show link above.

Windows 8.1 released

Microsoft’s reinvention of the desktop operating system came in the form of Windows 8.  With the release of Windows 8.1, the OS has some new user interface design features, snap views, side-by-side app viewing and loading, better Bing integration, Internet Explorer 11, and a few others. What features are you liking?

Apple Announcements

With the holiday shopping season just around the corner, Apple is presenting an updating product line which will include a newly designed iPad, a second generation iPad mini, Apple TV, and OS X Mavericks.  If you are Apple user, you don’t need the holiday season to come around as justification to pick up a new product.

Employees really want to use their personal devices at work

Many employers struggle with what is an acceptable policy to establish on the use of personal devices in the workplace.  The focus for this discussion is the use of personal devices while on the job and also the decision as to whether an employer should allow an employee to use a personal device as a work device.  Many employees share that they have used personal devices to share work documentation, financial information, and passwords through cloud-based storage applications.  There is some security risk to the business when this action is authorized.  So, what are the roles of the employer and employee when determining a good balance between using or not using personal devices at work and for work?  We discuss!

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