Phillie Fans Tweet and Subway Texting

Welcome in to Episode 89, pushing closer to 100! This week, we have a bit of a twist in the format of the show. We start with some quick tech highlights from the week – Microsoft-Skype deal, Tweeting for Beers, Texting for Sandwiches, and Google IO. For the second half of the show, the spotlight is on you! Thanks to all of our listeners that submitted a tech-based question and we are happy to answer them for you this episode. The topics had quite the range: transferring of pictures and media, Twitter RSS feeds, “unlocking” your mobile phone, and the work flow process of . Join us, as we ride….the waves of tech!

Show Notes

1. Why Microsoft Bought Skype

2. Phillies fans can now tweet their seat number and a beer guy/gal will deliver to their seat. That’s sweet!

3. Text your order to Subway Sandwiches

4. Google IO is going on (Google Developers Conference). Friday our Google Glance show will have a guest who was there.


This week is listener week!

Q.  From Dale – Is it possible to transfer pics to your iPhone from your computer so that you can email them? I’m sure people with other phones might have this same question.

A.  Sure.  Use iTunes to sync them.  Make sure in itunes under your device, then photos you have you have it set to sync.  If your photos are not in the itunes default directory, then can change it in the options section to point to a specific location.

  • Use drop box
  • If on a Mac use a program called phonedisk by Macroplant

Q.  From John – How do you subscribe to your Twitter RSS feed?

Twitter recently stopped supporting RSS in favor of OAuth.  You must use third party apps to pull a twitter RSS stream since they can tie into Twitters API.

Depending on what you want to use the feed for, get back with us with more details and we’ll see if we can help you out.

Q.  Hi WOT, Question for show.

What is the best way to transfer itunes media from one computer to another? I was looking around a few days ago and was surprised to find that music I’ve purchased in the past can’t be downloaded again. Is there really no way to get previously purchased music? How can I get all my itunes media from one computer to another? Thanks! Keep up the great work on the show!

I’m not sure if you are going from pc to pc, mac to mac, mac to pc however music files you are missing you can request from Apple a one time re-download of those missing songs.

Transferring. Load iTunes on the second computer and authorize it. Then (see link)

How to copy iTunes purchases between machines

4. I hear people talk about “unlocking” their phone so it works on multiple carriers. How hard is this to do and what carriers can you unlock a phone for? Thanks.

Not going to tell individuals how to do something with is illegal or not appropriate to do. However, caution any unlocking or jailbreaking of a phone can Brick your phone. This is also known as debranding and allows for the use of different carrier sim cards.

Prior to 2006, cell phones were locked to their respective carrier, only able to use subscriber identity module (SIM) cards that belonged to that carrier. Consumers that switched carriers were unable to transfer their older phones and were forced to buy new ones. The Digital Millennium Copyright Act announced in 2006 and 2010 decreed that unlocking or debranding cell phones for use on multiple networks is a legal practice.

Q. From Arron: Could you describe your work flow process for recording your audio and video.

A. WOW – We could do an entire weeks discussion on this. More detail listen QuickCast Edition episode 14. However, a quick run down.


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