Podcast San Diego and Amazon Home Services

On Episode 262 of The Waves of Tech, Dave visited San Diego this weekend and took part in the day-long Podcast San Diego event.  The event featured keynotes and presentations from Kate Erickson, Shannon Hernandez, Anthony Tran, Espree Devora, and many other headliners in the podcasting industry.  With some many great presentations, Dave gives you the main takeaway from each presentation.  In the second half of the show, Amazon is in the news again.  The tech giant is making headlines with the Dash Button, as they have partnered with 18 business to provide you a cool in-home service.  In addition, Amazon is making themselves a household name with the introduction of Home Services.  Enjoy the podcast and continue to ride…the waves of tech.

From Jared Easley and Dan Franks of Podcast Movement comes Podcast San Diego.  This one-day podcasting conference was set in the Museum of Photographic Arts in beautiful Balboa Park.  The conference hosted 8 presenters, ranging from Kate Erickson from Kate’s Take and Entrepreneur on Fire and April Perry of Power of Moms Radio to Espree Devora of WeAreLATech and Chris Mancini from Comedy Nerds Films.  The event was amazing, with many great takeaways.  Some common threads throughout the presentations were mindset, branding, relationships, and engagement.  Dave recaps the entire event and don’t forget to find regional conferences in your area to attend.  They are great opportunities to grow professionally and personally.

Amazon Dash Button
Amazon has partnered with 18 brands, including Tide, Gillette, and Gatorade, in an effort to make ordering their goods so much easier.  Dash is a small button-style unit that you can place on your washer, your fridge, or in your bathroom.  Dash will allow you to order laundry detergent and other items as your stock in the house diminishes.  It connects directly to your Amazon account and can be delivered to your door via postal means or via Amazon Fresh services.  Could we see a future in the design of products that have push-to-order systems built in?  As the connected home becomes more common and realistic, it may not be that far off.

Amazon Home Services
Need a licensed contractor to work on plumbing, fencing, or carpet?  What about a music teacher for piano lessons?  Or even a language professor to teach you a new language?  Well, check out Amazon’s latest in-home offering – Home Services.  Home Services allows Amazon users to browse and select firms to do work that you prefer not to do yourself.  Amazon has filtered the firms through an exhaustive background check and a rigorous business evaluation.  Home Services offers over 700 different and unique services to users.  If you’re interested about using them, check it out!



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