Podcasting In The Classroom

On Episode 258 of The Waves of Tech, we touch on four distinct stories.  Podcasting is being used in classrooms across the nation and proving to be an amazing investment for students and schools.  Marriott has decided to throw in the towel after it was fined $600,000 for blocking personal WiFi hotspot.  Interviews are always a stressful situation but what online resources are out there to help calm the nerves.  And finally, Meerkat is making major headlines and Twitter has decided to step in.  Enjoy the podcast and continue to ride…the waves of tech.

Podcast Awards

The Waves of Tech is pleased to be a finalist in the Technology category of the 2015 Podcast Awards.  This makes two years running!  Head to podcastawards.com and vote once a day!

Marriott Ends Its Bid To Kill Your Wi-Fi Hotspot

The FCC stepped in and sent notices to the hospitality industry warning that blocking WiFi hotspots would result in major fines and consequences.  In Episode 251 of this podcast, we talked about Marriott’s decision to block personal WiFi hotspots which resulted in a fine of $600,000.  Marriott, this week, basically sent up the white flag and said that they purposely blocked hotspots and forced consumers to use their in-house internet service.  Hear our take and why this is a major win for hotel travelers.

Interview panel experience

Dave had the opportunity to sit on an interview panel and the experience was eye opening.  In an age of access to online instructional videos, Google, Bing, and other resources, you may think that individuals would be more prepared and versed.  As you will hear, regardless of age, there was a noticeable trend of candidates being under-prepared.  It was surprising because we utilize online resources for so many other daily activities.  But when it comes to preparing for our futures and job development, some missed the mark.

Podcasting being used in the classroom (motivated)

In a fantastic article about podcasting, we are now seeing podcasting being incorporated into the classroom as a means to meeting and exceeding Common Core state standards.  This amazing medium is allowing students to work on critical thinking, speaking, debate, and communication skills.  Many are using Serial because it allows students to connect the dots and analyze the courtroom story.  The story is based in a high school setting, so many students are connected, motivated, and intrigued.

Twitter limits access of fast-growing Meerkat live-stream app; CEO – No hard feelings

Meerkat, the fastest growing live-stream apps in recent memory, has just received some not so good news Twitter.  Twitter recently purchased Periscope, which is in direct competition with Meerkat’s premise.  As a result, Twitter has announced that they will be limiting access because of their open API protocols.  The CEO, during his speech at SXSW, said he had no hard feeling toward Twitter because without the social media giant, Meerkat wouldn’t even be around.


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