Poor Social Media Judgment

This week on The Waves of Tech 215, we cover a wide range of technological industries – poor social media judgment, public transit improvements, state of the business cards field, and the latest LED-lit HD displays in the works.  Here at The Waves of Tech, we find the tech stories that impact your life and bring you the details.

Soldier’s Selfie
A Private First Class in the US Army created a social media frenzy by making a bold statement about her position on saluting the flag – she posted a selfie to Instagram and Facebook stating that she was hiding from her obligations regarding the 5pm flag ceremony.  This opens the door to a discussion about poor judgment in social media and understanding that many times you are representing the Armed Forces, not yourself.

Real time bus data
With the implementation of realtime GPS readings, the MTA and Brooklyn bus lines should have a happier and pleasant customer base.  By utilizing a very widespread and reliable technology, users can now download the Bus New York City app and get realtime updates on bus times, delays, and routes.  This is a very inexpensive solution that will pay dividends for the public transportation business in the Brooklyn and New York area.

Business cards don’t die
Advancements in technology has wiped out, or nearly wiped out, some specific industries.  As an example, look at the fax machine business.  One business that hasn’t experienced troubles is the business card industry.  The tech industry has not found a good alternative to the exchange of information.  Cards are a sign of creativity, company branding, and professional appeal…something that cannot be substituted through an app or other means.  Business cards are alive and well in this mobile-based construct.

TV technology is being taken to the next level, both in the living room and NFL stadiums.  The Jacksonville Jaguars have teamed with Daktronics to install the latest and greatest in LED-lit HD displays in the form of a 362 ft wide by 60 foot high endzone screen.  This far out does the biggest HD display in operation, a screen board in Charlotte Motor Speedway.  At least now the Jaguars can brag about having the best of something, even it’s not the best record in the NFL.

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