The Power of Social Sharing

The Waves of Tech is back with our second podcast since returning from New Media Expo (NMX).  On this week’s episode we range our topics from the Supreme Court, Time Warner Cable, and Barnes & Noble.  In our featured discussion on the show, we discuss the power of sharing within the new media community and how things are done right.  On the opposite side, we tell a story of what others are doing that may damage that image.


Supreme Court to hear broadcasters’ case against Aereo
Aereo has the entire traditional media industry in a tailspin…and in the courthouse.  The high court is set to hear the battle of the tech startup that allows users to stream or record live broadcasts and TV content versus major distributors like CBS, FOX, NFL, and MLB.  The case being made is that Aereo distributing content without paying traditional retransmission fees.  The decision from the Supreme Court will have substantial implications to the industry.  Stay tuned!!

Time Warner Cable loses 215,000 viewers
Time Warner, the second largest television service provider in the industry, is continuing their slide down the popularity ladder.  The cable provider lost 215,000 subscribers in the 4th quarter of 2013, for a total of 825,000 for the calendar year.  Add that to a loss of 525,000 in 2012, it is obvious that the company is struggling to maintain a positive bottom line.  TWC has lost the appeal of their customers and it may be too late to get it back,

New Barnes & Noble CEO faces tough task
Michael Huseby, now CEO of Barnes & Noble, was charged a year ago with turning around the company’s Nook platform.  He is now in charge of turning the entire company around, a company that has been behind the game in the evolving book industry.  With a host of skills in accounting, investor relations, and corporate development, they may have just the man to fix it.  What moves could Barnes & Noble take to revitalize their image and their delivery systems?  We discuss the struggling company.

TPN’s coverage of CES 2014
Our friends and colleagues in the digital audio and video space have provided some amazing coverage of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) from Las Vegas.  The live stream was amazing and thank you for tuning in.  As the floor interviews become available, look out for the tweets.  Check out their work over at

Featured Discussion:  The Power of Sharing
The beauty of podcasting is that we have the opportunity to share our stories, struggles, and successes with our audience and fellow podcasters.  The power of the podcasting community is beyond comparison.  We here at NetCastStudio would like to tell a story of how the power of sharing within the community can pay dividends in maintain relationships.  We also share a story in which some new to the new media game don’t understand what is acceptable and unacceptable.  Enjoy the show and be sure to head over the to check out other network shows!

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