President-elect Donald Trump and The Technology Industry

tech-and-governmentOn Episode 331 of The Waves of Tech, the United States presidential election has ended and President-elect Donald Trump takes the Oval Office in January.  The election of a new president always leads to questions.  In this case, what is Donald Trump’s position on domestic product manufacturing, net neutrality, international cyber security, STEM growth, and federal research and development funding.  Tech leaders and trade groups are calling for his position on how telecommunication network infrastructure will be upgraded, how will broadband connectivity reach the rural communities in the States, and what does the future of international students studying in the United States look like.  We dive into the increasingly inflammatory world of social media and how that played a role in the presidential election.  Enjoy the podcast and continue to ride…the waves of tech.

The elections in the United States is over and President-elect Donald Trump takes office on January 20th.  Social media reared its nasty head this election cycle.

  • Facebook and Twitter grew increasingly uncomfortable to be on, many avoided
  • Social media added to the divisiveness of national politics and political opinion
  • Donald Trump used Twitter, for better or for worse, as a mechanism to motivate his Republican base this election year
  • Social media proved to be inflammatory, derogatory, nasty, and hate-filled

Many questions loom in the tech industry as President-elect Trump takes office.  Those in Silicon Valley, industry  investors, and major corporations are looking for answers.

  • How will Trump bring tech jobs back to the United States, considering automation and robotics are the keys to profitability and reduces costs?
  • Can he convince Apple to manufacture products in the USA and does that truly make sense for the country and the company?
  • How will he foster technological advancement in the classroom, with internet service providers, and fund STEM programs?

We don’t have too many answers but we have lots of questions for President-elect Trump.  Many in the tech space are pushing so that the new administration understands that all companies and now digital companies.  Each policy decision will have an influence on business and profit.

  • What is his administration’s position on net neutrality?
  • What is his stance on encryption, digital security, and personal privacy?
  • How will he address international cyber security as the problem grows?
  • Will federal funding for research & development that is critical for innovation and progress be available to companies (Boeing) and federal agencies (NASA)?

And finally, tech trade groups are pushing for answers to these questions:

  • In Trump’s massive infrastructure plan, there is little mention of telecommunication network upgrades.
  • Broadband plays a critical role in the election and more attention is needed in the area.
  • What is the plan to wired the rural communities of the United States with service?
  • How will Trump’s immigration policy affect the draw of international students to the United States to study software development, engineering, and computer sciences?
  • How does his administration promote information technology education to create broad-based growth and economic potential.

Many questions linger and many have been left unanswered for us in the tech industry.  President-elect Trump did not make technology a center point of his election, nearly excluding the discussion all together.  Unanswered questions leave people with stress and anxiety.  It looks like we will have to play the waiting game and see what policies and positions result.

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