National Day of Prayer,, and Public Figures – QCE 1

National Day of Prayer,, and public figures

What’s Sad, What’s Cool, Your Opinion and Editorial

Show Notes

What’s sad:
U.S. Justice Department says it intends to appeal judge’s ruling that National Day of Prayer is unconstitutional.  A federal judge in Wisconsin ruled the National Day of Prayer unconstitutional, saying the day amounts to a call for religious action. Congress established the day in 1952 and in 1988 set the first Thursday in May as the day for presidents to issue proclamations asking Americans to pray

Response:  A call to religious action? This isn’t what the intent of congress in 1952 and isn’t this what our country was founded on.  Are we beginning to see the Erosion of the baselines for our freedoms?

What’s cool: is a service that lets you buy gift cards for up to 30% off or sell unwanted gift cards for cash.

What’s your opinion:
Should public figures have more privacy rights and have the right to sure for defamation?

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Editorial Brief:
Apple has closed the door on Adobe to any further any development of it’s Flash product to run on Apple’s consumer devices.  Apple’s decision to basically be a closed door product, is not only ridiculous but in fact a slap to all consumers. In other words, “You are not capable of determining what is right for you.”

Does Apple have such a big chip on their shoulder they presume they are able to drive how content is to be delivered and through what devices and applications in the market?  Does Goliath perhaps need to be knocked down?  I’m am a fan of Apple products; however, Steve Jobs total dislike of Flash and Adobe as a whole, will certainly display a black eye in the future.  Current limitations of the iPad and soon iPhone with OS 4 will not only make the devices less useful, but anger it customers.  Some like being the bully and some like being working in harmony.  Apple you are the bully.

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