Race For Same-Day Delivery

This week on The Waves of Tech 204, we change up the format of the show up a little bit and dive into a wide variety of topics, touching on so many of the industries technology influences.  In brief, we talk about the birth of the mouse, Facebook’s plan to include a sympathize button, completing online claims for employee protection, washers & dryers (we know, strange…), mobile shopping sprees, and finally the race for same day delivery.  Enjoy the podcast and don’t forget to get in touch with us via Twitter @NetCastStudio.

The Birth of the Mouse

If you’ve heard of the name Donald Engelbart, only one thing should come to mind – the invention of the mouse.  In essence, Engelbart’s innovation launched a computing revolution in terms of use, user experience, and application.  Innovation in today’s tech world is in deep contrast to innovation of the 1960’s.  Forty-five years ago, he not only introduced the mouse but also navigable windows and working hyperlinks.

Facebook Sympathize Button

Social media is just that – social in nature.  We often share great personal accomplishments, party pics, and more on our individual feeds.  Life happens and news isn’t always that great.  This had led some to believe that Facebook is in need of a “dislike” button.  Facebook is reportedly working on a “sympathize” button for the more sad, somber moments in life.

Whistleblowers File Online With OSHA

In all honesty, it’s troubling when a government agency makes headlines for providing a service, that should have been provided several years ago, online and available to citizens and workers.  OSHA has now completed the process of providing a web-based function to report acts of retaliation towards an employee, hence protecting them under whistleblower provisions.  There is not much to say except, “Welcome to 2013, federal government agencies.”  Can you sense the sarcasm?

Washers & Dryers

In a very bizarre way, normal day-to-day conversations often lead to discussions in this podcast.  This time, we had a conversation with a coworker about the need to clean a washer because of bacterial and filmy buildup around the seals and moldings of the unit.  You may not think this but advancements in washer technology have caused such a practice to take place in homes across America.

Mobile Shoppers Who Spend More

Why brave the cold, chilly winds and weather of the holiday season when you can browse the retailer stores online…that’s what we like to do here at !  A recent study shows that iOS users spend, on average, more per order and account for more web traffic on shopping sites as compared to those using Android.  We analyze these numbers and tell you why, despite Android securing 80% of the smartphone market globally, iOS is still winning the shopping battle.

Race for Same-Day Delivery

We recently talked about Amazon’s agreement with the USPS to provide delivery of their products on Sunday.  Amazon always announced drones to deliver items in 30 minutes or less.  eBay is stepping to the plate with eBay Now, a collaboration with 30+ retailers to provide day-of delivery, of course with a small fee attached, to customers.  We wonder what will come up next…


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