Rara.com Launches and Google Plus Hangout Features

Steve, Dave, and Jim are back at it this week…talking tech and enjoying every minute of podcasting. Join the discussion as we discuss new Google+ features, new music service Rara, and the decline of customer service. Also, be sure to click on the CES banner on the home page and see how you can help support and TPN.TV at CES 2012.

1. Five Google+ Hangout Features Business Will Love

Six months ago, Google+ came storming into the social media realm. Many were making comparisons to Facebook and pitting the two against each other. As Google+ grows it is starting to creates its identity, being one that is a drastically different than Facebook’s. Despite being in its infancy, Google+ is making huge strides in terms of communication and creating a platform for multimedia conversations. Five great new features introduced by Google are ready for you and your business to dive into. The new features are: “Go Live” “On Air Broadcasting” “On Air Recording” “Dial In” and “Notification.” The new features will allow users to record entire press events and upload those directly to YouTube, creating another content creation platform. As Google continues to develop their social platform, they are successfully integrating several Google services into that single platform. Tune in for more specifics on each of these five features.

2. New Music Rara.Com Launches: Do you feel like you need to own your music?

Rara.com is a new digital music provider on the block. It will offer users access to an ad free streaming service featuring more than 10 million unique music tracks via an Internet connection for a monthly fee. Rob Lewis, the English businessman operating Rara, is convinced that music fans don’t really want to own their music anymore, claiming that many find digital media just to complicated to use. Rara is offering their users the ability to listen to music, access playlists, and create their own lists via the service. The catch…no download-to-own option. What place does Rara have in the digital media sphere and how successful can they be with their revenue model? Listen in to our thoughts and read some of Jim’s just below.

3. Technology Services & Customer Service

Here at Waves of Tech, we are used to the new media model of content consumption. The traditional model bothers many of us because, to a great extent, we do not control the time and place in which content can be accessed (i.e. Network TV Shows). We are told when we have to watch a movie, how long that movie will be available, and in what form we will watch it. Well, Steve always has a story to tell. This week is no different with his experience with DirecTV. We believe his story is reflective of our desire to consume the content we want and when we do want! Steve brings up some valid opinions on big media providers in today’s climate. Jim & Dave follow suit with what these services can do for us and what they’ve lost over the past few years.

4. NTSB wants ban on cell phones while driving

We briefly discuss the recent announcement from NTSB regarding the desire to ban the use of all cell phone usage while driving. With thousands of policy options and a limitless list of counter-policy arguments, the battle is raging at the state and federal levels of government. What are your thoughts on the matter?


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