Recap Top Technology Stories Of 2014

This week on The Waves of Tech 247, we recap of the top technology stories of 2014. It was another giant year for technology. Many stories made the top news stories of the main media outlets and garnished many newspaper headlines. We cover topics such as the World Cup, Microsoft’s new CEO, Amazon, and wearable technologies. We even drop in conversation about security, hijacked information, drones, car recalls, and International Podcast Day. Thanks for another great year and continue to ride…the waves of tech.

World Cup
Every four years, the world unites to celebrate the world’s most popular sport – Soccer. The World Cup reverberating throughout the halls of social media, setting a new world record for tweets about a single event. Also this year, FIFA allowed the use of goal line technology into the sport. A big moment for soccer and technology.

Microsoft’s Nadella
After Steve Ballmer stepped aside, Microsoft introduced their new CEO – Satya Nadella. He inherited a tech giant that had experienced more profitably days in the past and was charged with directing the company into the future. After doing some damage control on Windows 8, the software giant is experiencing growth in many areas that is was once struggling with.

Wearable Technology
The big story of 2014 – wearables. It was a major buzz item throughout the year. We saw Google Glass, Fit Bit, Apple Watch, and many other products. We can say for a fact that 2014 was the launchpad year for wearables and that 2015 will bring about new innovation and a new line of products.

We are not sure if any company had as much success as Amazon in 2014. The company took major leaps and became a household name for many consumers. They introduced Echo, Fire Phone, Fire HDX, Fire TV, and Fire Stick. The once online-only retailer has now infiltrated the in-home entertainment element of our lives and is experiencing major financial and brand gains by doing so.

The year started out with Amazon demonstrating the future of package delivery – the use of drones. After the excitement settled and the FAA begin investigating the use of drones in air space, we now know there is a definite future with the technology. But, do not expect major implementation efforts in 2015. We can look to 2016 for that.

Malaysia Flight 370
Tragedy strikes every year. 2014 was now different. We witnessed the bizarre disappearance of Flight 370 into the Indian Ocean, with no knowledge of the reasoning or cause behind the crash. The use of various technologies has yet to locate the missing plane but rest assured that some technology will assist in finding the downed plane in due time.

SpaceShip Two
The Mojave Air & Space Port is a hot bed for aviation and civil flight testing. In October 2014, SpaceShip Two fell from the sky during a routing testing session. The industry lost a young and amazing pilot in the event. The aerospace industry will persevere to create a safety and more reliable space craft suitable for civil air flight to outerspace.

Hijacks & Security
Security was the number one issue in 2014. We experienced record hacks from companies like Target, Sony, and Home Depot. Personal information from millions of Americans were hacked and compromised. Celebrity’s personal photos were thrown around the Internet for all to see. It was a tough year for security. We hope 2015 brings more measures and methods for securing our personal data and private information.

Car Recalls
60 million cars were recalled in 2014 – that equates to roughly 25% of the cars on the road. 25%!! Let that sink in for a second. With all the advancements in safety and car technology, we are still going through growing pains when it comes to road and car safety. The best advice we can offer is to take your cars in if a recall is in effect. Keep your families safe by doing the right thing.

International Podcast Day
This year was huge for podcasting. Podcasting celebrated it’s 10th Anniversary and has gained major notoriety over the past year. A major event was International Podcast Day, celebrated on September 30th. The day was epic! It was a trending topic on Twitter for 14 hours straight and brought the podcasting community together to celebrate the greatness of the medium. Here’s to another successful ten years and more!

Apple Top 10
Apple released it’s Top 10 list of 2014 and we have to mention that Serial, the blockbuster podcast, became the most downloaded podcast of all time. Saturday Night Live even did a parody sketch about the show! Ira Glass also made an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to talk about the growth and power of podcasting.

Google Top 10
Google’s Top 10 most searched topics also gives a big picture to what the world is talking about. The number one topic was Robin Williams, followed by the World Cup, Ebola, ISIS, and other major events. Check out the links for more details.

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