Reclusive Amazon Tribe Found by Drone And Facebook Watch

A once unknown Brazilian tribe in the Amazon was located via drone and it’s drawing intrigue and interest. Two years after the FAA commercial drone rules, we are seeing an incredible rise in use and application in industries such as emergency response, academia, and construction.  Facebook Watch, their on-demand video streaming service, is going global as they attempt to compete with the other giants in the industry. A new breed of real estate companies, known as iBuyers, are popping up offering 3-day turnarounds for home sales. Finally, we wish Google Chrome a 10 year birthday wish!

Brazilian Drone Finds Reclusive Tribe

Earlier this year, a Brazilian government agency located a reclusive and indigenous tribe in the northern region of the Amazon via drone.  The agency’s obligation is to learn about these tribes lifestyles so that they may learn how to protect them. The use of drones seems to be the most efficient, least intrusive, and easiest manner to track the tribes.

  • Whether we think it’s amazing, intrusive, or amazing, it’s a complex issue to discuss
  • A last surviving member of a tribe was caught on camera traipsing through a rainforest
  • Drones, along with photos and videos or the past, created a history of these tribes
  • A modern technology is assisting governments with serving these populations

Commercial Drone Usage 2 Years Later

Two years after the passage of FAA Part 107, a regulation governing the use and licensing of commercial drone pilots.  Whereas problems still exist with recreational and hobbyist drone use, Part 107 has provided expansive use for emergency response, academia, manufacturing, energy, and construction.  It’s even lead to a drone conference in Las Vegas – Interdrone.

  • The FAA has issued over 2,000 waivers to licensed drone pilots in all 50 states
  • The regulations have allowed a mechanism for business growth and innovation
  • Continued flexibility and understanding of the industry is key to its success
  • Steve is attending Interdrone in Las Vegas and will share his visit next week

Facebook Watch – Are You Using It?

Okay, we have to admit – we did not know about Facebook Watch prior to the recording of this podcast episode.  Watch is an on-demand video streaming service that Facebook has pumped millions of dollars into and is set to plunge another $1 billion over the next year.  The focus will be original programming and expansion on a global scale.

  • To date, Watch is only USA-based and their reach global may or may not succeed
  • 50% of adults surveyed how no clue about the service; 6% stated using it daily
  • The ad break allows publishers to insert their own videos, but at a cost
  • Competing with YouTube, Hulu, Prime, and Netflix is every company’s goal

Disrupting the Real Estate Market with 3-day Sales

A new player is on the block – iBuyers.  These new brands of companies are attempting to disrupt the real estate and home buying experience.  iBuyers are buying house, sight unseen and providing sellers with all cash offers within 3 days. The use of propriety modeling software is quickening the home evaluation and cost appraisal process.

  • Rocket Mortgage and Quicken Loans have changed the loan portion of real estate
  • The use of quick turn-around works in specific situations for those moving, not for all
  • Opendoor and Offerpad have raisde significant venture capital recently
  • Startups’ fees are taking thousands from a seller’s profit, may be worth it for some

Chrome Turns 10 Years Old

September 2, 2009 – Google Chrome is released.  Ten years later, it is an integral portion of Google’s business model in terms of data collection and application development.  Upon release ten years ago, it was proven to be faster, quicker, and more efficient than other browsers at the time. To some degree, Chrome changed the way we browse and utilize the Internet.

  • Chrome offered a new way for browser nerds that wasn’t offered by IE, Firefox, Safari
  • Many developed applications are built and design around Chrome only
  • Despite the growth, web browsing is still very personal and we default to own choice
  • Incredible to think that web browsing has not changed significantly over ten years

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