Reinventing Microsoft and Why Politicians Love Twitter

Welcome to Waves of Tech, Episode 155. This week we splash into the reinvention of Microsoft and the reason politicians love Twitter. We start the show by talking about Microsoft. Microsoft is set to release a host of new products focused on one feature – creating and building a Microsoft user ecosystem. Also, politicians find the power of Twitter intoxicating and for one primary reason – tweets drive campaign donations. Join us as we dive into the realm of reinvention and political technology in this week’s episode.


Reinventing Microsoft
Microsoft is going through sort of a re-birth this upcoming month. With the relevance of Microsoft slowly leaving the minds of users, Microsoft is set to release a major line of revamped and re-engineered products. Microsoft is understanding that the “ecosystem” for users is the major factor in driving user loyalty, the user experience, and user happiness. October will be a major test for the once dominant tech company – new tablet, new phone, new IE, new music platform. We shall wait to see the results and provide later analysis on the Microsoft reinvention.

Why Politicians Love Twitter – Tweets drive real donations
You gotta love the power of social media! In this case, Twitter has proven again to be a very significant power player in the political climate of election campaigns. New stats released by Compete show that Twitter users are 68-97% more likely to visit a political donation site based on their Twitter exposure to political tweets. Money moves politics and tweets drive home political messages – seems like a match made in heaven for politicians. Get some of our thoughts on the recent stats by Compete.

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