Remembering Apollo 11 And Microsoft Layoffs

This week on the Waves of Tech 230, we have a wide variety of tech talk to get to…so let’s stop wasting time!  Microsoft is making big news with their massive layoff of 18,000, many tied to the Nokia-branch of their operations.  On the other hand, PC sales are expected to rise significantly over the next few years.  We also reminisce about Apollo 11 and the moon landing, 45 years later.  Finally, Amazon makes our headlines again with Unlimited.  Enjoy the show and continue to ride…the waves of tech.

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Microsoft Layoffs
Since the arrival of Nadella as CEO, the stocks of Microsoft have increased nearly 33 percent.  We can expect stocks to rise further now that Nadella is cutting nearly 18,000 jobs from the tech software giant.  Many jobs are associated with the Nokia functions of the corporation, one that has floundered in recent years.  Stockholders and financial gurus have been calling for Microsoft to scale back as they believe Microsoft is stretching their “operational hands” beyond what they should.  This announcements makes for the 4th largest layoff is the tech industry.

PC News Looks Good
Microsoft, HP, and other PC manufacturers are set to rake in some great profits over the next few years.  For one of the first times since the 2008 financial crisis, companies are reaching into their pockets to strengthen and rebuild their PC infrastructures.  Many are working of the 12-year old operation system of Windows XP and simply upgrading system processing chips and hardware are no longer doing the trick.  And of course, look for Intel to be the leading in the financial gains in this equation.

Apollo 11
At the age of 14, Steve recalls sitting in the car with his family experiencing the landing of Apollo 11 on the moon.  The crackling of the AM radio feed and broadcaster’s voice is where many heard the news.  45 years later, it is incredible to think that the technological power in our phones is greater than the technological power that sent three brave American patriots into the orbits of Earth.  We salute these men and all the engineers and minds behind make the American Dream a reality for us all.

Amazon Unlimited
With so much Amazon news of late, we could probably produce an entire show focused on the online giant.  They continue to capture the headlines, this time with Unlimited.  Unlimited is a library card type service that allows access to nearly 600,000 titles for a small fee of $10 per month.  This is a simple addition to their already boastful selection of products, services, and features.  Check it out and don’t forget to use our affiliate link.

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