Remote Home Control

Home ControlOn Episode 286 of The Waves of Tech, we discuss more drone issues arising in the news, a new Google Maps feature, household tech furnishings, travels to meet other podcasters, and recent spots on fellow podcasters’ shows.  We are proud to be a tech variety show, sharing technology news from so many angles and news sources.  Enjoy the podcast and continue to ride…the waves of tech.

Think Enriched and Quarter Bin Podcast

Amy Robles, host of Think Enriched, invited Dave to her podcast and they had a fantastic conversation.  Dave shared his story of personal finance and history of podcasting.  Find the episode at  Alan Middleton, host of Quarter Bin Podcast, invited Steve to his annual Veteran’s Day podcast special.  Check out the episode at

Phoenix – JD Sutter and Nascar Race

Steve and Debbie (host of Busy Ladies) took to the road and traveled to Phoenix to meet up with fellow podcasters and enjoy some Nascar racing.  Steve and Debbie met with JD Sutter with Porchlight Family Media.  JD has been a big supporter of our podcasting network and International Podcast Day.  The trip was eventful, including hours of rain and race delays.  This results in plenty of time to surf the phone, play some games, and keep in touch with friends and family via social media.

Home Thermostat

One thing we haven’t discussed in depth is upgrading household tech furnishings with the latest and greatest on the market.  Steve shares his story of upgrading his home thermostat with a WiFi enabled product.  Now, Steve’s house can be controlled from anywhere in the country he travels.  They can even get the house warmed up before leaving work or drop the temperatures when it gets warm in the summer.  Have you upgraded your house with smart technology?

More Drone Issues

Drones, drones, and more drones.  Seems like every week a new story is presented showing the damaging effects of recreational drone use in public and emergency response situations.  It is important that we continue to share these stories because drone use is presenting a more real danger to the public.  In this story, a drone collided with a ferris wheel attraction in Seattle.  Though no damages or injuries were reported, these close calls continue to deserve a discussion and analysis of where we stand on regulation and protecting ourselves.

Google Makes Maps Useful in the Boonies

Google began rolling out a new feature for Maps that will prove to be helpful during pre-trip planning and areas with limited to no connectivity.  Users can download a regional map either by tapping “download” on a search result or by going to “Offline Areas” in the Google Maps menu and tapping on the “+” button.  These Offline Areas can be used as a safety net during recreational hiking and other outdoor activities.

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