Remote Workforce And UAE Launch To Mars

On Episode 498 of the Waves of Tech, we are talking security, data leaks, space missions, and browser wars. As the workforce quickly shifted to remote work, it has come at a cost of security threats and compromised systems for IT professionals. To add to that, several VPN services were hacked that resulted in over 1-terabyte of data leaks. In international space news, the United Arab Emirates successfully launched a research probe – Hope – to Mars to gather novel science information from the planet. Web browsers have also been highly debated about in the tech industry and we rehash that conversation.

Increasing Security Risks in Lockdown

When the coronavirus forced many workers home to work remotely and very few organizations had the security infrastructure to support their work, it created the perfect storm for hackers. The virus quickly shifted people home to work on their personal devices with little to no security protocols in place. As such, cyber attack attempts have strained and stressed IT professionals.

  • Seven major VPN services were hacking, leaking over 1.2TB of user data
  • Budget cutbacks are threatening future investments in firm’s security infrastructure
  • Communication between IT pros and security companies is a major obstacle now
  • When VPN suppliers begin to get hacked, we know it’s getting very grim

United Arab Emirates Launches Probe to Mars

We often cover domestic space events on the podcast. Well, the time has come to celebrate the UAE as they historically launched a probe to Mars to gather atmospheric and planet data. The “Hope” probe successfully launched from a Japanese launch pad this week and began its 500 million kilometer adventure to the Red Planet. What an incredible feat for UAE scientists.

  • The research probe took six years to construct with thousands of minds and bodies
  • February 2021 Mars arrival coincides with 50th anniversary of the UAE’s formation
  • Data collection will be used to improve UAE’s sciences and higher education programs
  • What a proud moment for the population of the Arab nation and the space community

Browser Wars Reignites Online

It seems about once a year the debate of the most effective, efficient, and best browser comes up. Recently, Lifehacker posted why you should consider quitting Chrome and switch to a different surfing tool. There is no perfect browser, nor will there ever be an ideal and well rounded browser. Browsers were built with purpose and sometimes that comes at a cost.

  • Chrome is historically a heavy browser, a bit of a drag on the performance of systems
  • Some are better at ad-blocking, location collection, privacy, and security
  • Brave and Mozilla continue to grow in use and popularity and some ditch Chrome
  • Ultimately, it’s user choice but great to reignite the conversation and debate

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