Resume QR Codes, Credit Card Security and Hypersonic Flight Program

This week on Waves of Tech we discuss personal credit card security and what steps to take to protect ourselves. We share the subtle but clever technological advancements on the Las Vegas strip. Regarding the workplace, we discuss the use of QR codes in the organizational hiring process. Is it good or bad? Finally, the crew blasts into a conversation about the hypersonic flight program from DARPA. Join the usual suspects on the podcast as we explore tech in a different way!

Credit Card Security

Personal credit card security is always a hot button these days. With the thieves being as technologically advanced as those creating the security protocols, our work seems to be cut out for us. We explore what we can do individually, both in the personal and professional setting, to protect ourselves (to an extent) from credit card theft and a tremendous amount of headache and stress. Steve relives his story of theft, moments before he steps out the door for Las Vegas.

Advancements in technology in Las Vegas

It’s always fun to take a trip to Vegas! The lights, the glamour, and the lifestyle of Vegas lends itself to quite an experience. Well here at Waves of Tech, we look beyond the lights to bring you the simple tech advancements that bring the Vegas experience into 2012 – anything from piano players swiping sheet music on an iPad, to cocktail waitresses placing drink orders via tablets, to rolling Tweets on a billboard during check-in service.

QR Codes and other gimmicks; WSJ Article

The dreaded resume. The question we always ask ourselves – How can I make my resume stand out from the other hundreds of resumes that organizational leaders have to comb and sift through. Well, some people have gone to a different sort of approach and are now including QR Codes on resumes. In your opinion, are these gimmicks a great way to get yourself noticed or are they actually hurting your chances in landing that perfect job? Have you considered or actually used a QR Code on a resume? We would love to hear about it on the show, so comment below.

DARPA to launch hypersonic flight program

DARPA has embarked on an impressive adventure – create and utilize the US Hypersonic Flight Program by the year 2016. What is hypersonic? This type of flight brings the speeds of Mach 20 (20x the speed of sound) into the world of national defense. With such capabilities, a hypersonic plane could reach any point in the US in under a single hour. As we always do, we discuss what sort of advancements in technology are needed for this to happen.

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