Roku 2, Apple Releases And Social Media Nonsense

Roku 2, Apple releases, what has happen to Cisco and more Social Media nonsense.


Show Notes
Welcome into Episode 97 of Waves of Tech. Thanks for checking out the podcast. We have another packed show for you. If you haven’t seen what Roku has to offer you in the way of home entertainment & instant streaming, be sure to check out the Roku 2 Player ( For only $99, you get loads of content and even some gaming. And of course, the talk of the tech world on Wednesday was the anticipated release of OSX Lion. Steve talks about the upgrade and what to look for. It seems like social media never escapes the conversation and that’s the case again. Facebook screws up their chat system & Microsoft makes a blunder by introducing Tulalip way ahead of schedule. In the business world, Cisco drops nearly 12,000 this week. Did Cisco grow too fast too soon? We spill the details. Join the conversation at as you continue to ride….the waves of tech.

1. Roku 2 adds gaming, more channels, subtitles

2. Apple releases OSX Lion, Mac Book Air and Mac Mini

3. Facebook you did it again

4. Microsoft’s Social Media

5. The Rise & Fall of the Cisco Empire


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