Samsung Issues Continue and Microsoft Skype Teams

skypeteamsloginOn Episode 324 of The Waves of Tech, it is clear that Samsung’s problems with the Galaxy Note 7 are getting worse by the minute as market share continues to plummet as a result of the exploding battery issue.  Twitter announced changes to the character count formula, allowing users the ability to focus on the message and not be bothered with media attachments taking away from the overall count.  Microsoft is developing their answer to Slack and that is called Skype Teams, a collaborative chat tool that allows for threaded conversations and live video callings as two major features.  And finally, Jeff Bezos is deep into the space race as his company Blue Origin makes big plans for humans working and living in space.  Enjoy the podcast and continue to ride…the waves of tech.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 problems are getting worse

And things just keeping getting worse for Samsung as the Galaxy Note 7 downward spiral continues…  In addition to selling and now having to have customers return over 2.5 million units, the largest cellphone manufacturer is losing billions of dollars in market share.  Over the past few weeks, the value of Samsung has dipped nearly $14.3 billion as reports of exploding batteries continue to make headlines.  The FAA has also asked passengers of airlines to not use or charge the phones while in flight.  It’s not particularly great timing with Apple’s announcement of the iPhone 7 and 7S either.

Twitter’s new, longer tweets are coming September 19th

Back in the spring, Twitter hinted at some significant change to the way the micro-blogging giant would start counting characters.  There were rumors of extending the count to something around 10,000 characters and we are happy to report those were false.  On September 19, Twitter will no longer count media extensions (videos, photos, GIFs, polls) or the Twitter handle character in replies to the 140 character count.  In this way, Twitter is focusing on the message and allowing users to expand their tweets without worry of how the media attachment will affect the quality of the tweet.

Skype Teams emerges as Microsoft’s answer to team-based chat tool Slack

You’ve all heard of Slack, the collaboration tool used by teams and businesses around the globe.  Microsoft has been internally testing what is dubbed as Skype Teams as their answer to collaborative chat.  Skype Teams will work similar to Slack but offer threaded conversations and utilize live video chat between users, clients, and other businesses.  Collaborative chat tools have grown tremendously over the past three years.  There is no surprise that Microsoft is developing this as a way to capture the Office 365 enterprises and expand their services to firms that need tools like these.

Jeff Bezos Shares Plan For Behemoth Blue Origin Rocket

Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg are CEOs that have grand visions of space exploration, human travel to space, and both living and working in orbit.  Now, Jeff Bezos, founder of Blue Origin, is getting into the mix and throwing some serious capital towards creating a world where human inhabit and work in space.  The company has successfully launched New Shepard, which has gone into sub-orbit and landed its boosters four times at a Texas launch site.  With his announcement of New Glenn, he looks to grow beyond what is capable.

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