Samsung Troubles, Microsoft Forced Updates And Facebook Workplace

facebook-workplaceOn Episode 326 of The Waves of Tech, we dive into the troubling revelation that exploding Galaxy Note 7s are not Samsung’s only product catching fire.  Samsung halted new production of their smartphone line until further notice as well.  Apple and Microsoft are now forcing updates to home users and enterprises companies, which is causing headaches and frustration along the way for both.  Facebook launched their new real-time messaging platform called Workplace, which allows enterprise team members to communicate via a very familiar look and design.  Yahoo is again in the headlines and not in a good way.  After the email hack, Verizon is seeking a $1 billion discount on the pending sale of the company.  Thanks for tuning in and continue to ride…the waves of tech.

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Samsung Products in Shambles

Samsung, the largest manufacturer of cell phones, is temporarily halting the production of new Galaxy Note 7 phones.  We have all heard the stories of exploding phones and the damages associated with fiery smartphones.  Samsung announced the halt in an effort to ensure a quality product and to focus on the safety concerns.  AT&T and T-Mobile have stopped handing out Note 7 replacements.  Samsung has some major brand damage to correct and must do so quickly.  On another note (pun intended), Samsung has a class action lawsuit filed against them as some of their washing machines are catching fire!  Incredible.

Forced Operating System Updates

In case you haven’t noticed or heard the news, Apple and Microsoft will be providing forced updates to their respective operating systems.  We have seen this with Windows 10 Anniversary.  For home users, there are very little problems being reported.  But in enterprise, there are compatibility issues and user turmoil.  In some cases, updates are taking multiple hours and creating inefficiency and loss of productivity.  Apple will be doing the same Apple OS X Sierra.  It is completely understandable why Microsoft and Apple would do so when it comes to elements of security and support.

Facebook’s Workplace – Slack competitor

A few years ago, we jumped into the discuss of Facebook developing a real-time messaging platform such as Slack or Trello called Facebook at Work. Facebook has launched Workplace, a beta product used in enterprise to provide communication methods to team members and colleagues. Workplace is entirely separate from the traditional Facebook’s signature network, requiring an independent login and its own mobile app.  To eliminate the draw and maintain productivity, a user cannot toggle between professional and personal accounts.  This is Facebook’s first dive into enterprise and will charge its enterprise customers a per-user subscription fee each month to use the product.

Yahoo Continues to Make Bad Headlines

Despite their current pending sale which usually brings positive change and good headlines, Yahoo recently announced that over 500 million Yahoo accounts were breached, with names, addresses, personal information, and more stolen…from 2014!  Yahoo’s response to the email hacking is to make it hard for Yahoo users to exit their services in an attempt to maintain a user base in midst of the pending sale.  In response Verizon, who is buying Yahoo for $4.8 billion is now seeking a $1 Billion discount on the sale of the company.  To put some perspective in the conversation, Yahoo at one point was valued at $125 billion.

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