Scammers Scam Again and Eco ATM

Welcome in to Episode 108 of Waves of Tech! This week, we have a guest on the podcast: Donald Schwartz. Don has been an avid tech user throughout the years and even started his pressure washer business with a Commodore 64! Thanks Don for joining us in Episode 108 and now it’s time to ride the waves of tech.

Our first discussion covers something near and dear to our hearts – The Amazon Associate program. California Gov. Jerry Brown signed repeal legislation that had forced Amazon to terminate their California Associates Program. Amazon invited all California Associates whose accounts were closed due to the prior legislation to re-enroll in the Associates Program. Amazon is planning it’s next move up the democratic ladder as they attempt to lobby the Federal government to pass a national law about sales tax collection.

Ever heard of a kiosk machine that would spit out some cash for an old cell phone or MP3 Player? Neither did we until we came across the EcoATM. Originally spotted in Southern California, there are now 23 reverse-vending machines located in the state. The primary investor in EcoATM is CoinStar, which may sound familiar to most. Be sure to check out the 4 minute video link here.

Scammers continue to find ways of creating havoc in our lives. Now these “Scummers,” as Dave calls them, are begin to exploit the online games that kids are now playing. These online games are rigged with malicious software, including Trojans designed to drain a parent’s bank account. When will enough be enough!?!?

Also, we touch on a few other topics. Apple releases iOS5, iTunes 10.5, and Lion 10.7.1 recently and Steve provides his thoughts. Also, RIM is still in process of restoring service to millions of the phones, in respect to e-mail service. In the age of major mobile competition, RIM might want to start figuring things out or get left behind. Finally, we hit on the responsiveness and tech integration that some companies have found to be effective and profitable.

As always, thank you for listening or watching Waves of Tech!

1. Donald Schwartz: Pressure washing industry veteran, entered the industry in 1979 as a sales rep, then went on to establish Super Pressure Washer in 1987 (total industry experience 32 years). Started business with little to no capital, a pressure washer and a Commodore 64 computer.

2. California repeals associate program legislation

3. EcoATM

4. Scammers Attack Kids With Rigged Online Games

5. IOS 5, Lion 10.7.1 and iTunes 10.5 released

6. RIM still restoring service

7. Tech and ordering services


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