Security Versus Frustration And Taking A Pinterest In Education

Does your attitude change when technology security gets in your way?  Security is a necessity but often when it shelters us from conducting business or pleasure, it can be agitating.  Have you heard of Pinterest?  If not listen to this episode and learn more.

Security versus Frustration

You’ve just complete a great meal at your favorite restaurant proceeded by paying the bill with your ATM at its declined.  Besides embarrassing, you are trying to understand why.  I have enough money in the bank.  Then it strikes you!  You requested a new ATM card which now your card is invalid because of Bank security.  Though you are angered you realize it is for your protection.  Does security which is to protect sometime irritate you?  Steve has a story for you in this episode.

Pinterest in Education

When Social Media sites first become popular, it is sometimes hard to see the value in them. Do I need to know what you ate for lunch on Twitter? But then, after learning about hash tags, the true value of Twitter was revealed. The same has proven true for Pinterest. My first impulse was that I am not doing crafts, remodeling my house, or shopping for wedding dresses. Through the #EdTech following on Twitter,I was led to the EdTech boards on Pinterest.

Rachel Friedrich
Amanda Plum – Technology
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