T-Mobile Announcement And Segway Motorcycle

On Episode 528 of the Waves of Tech, we are diving head first into a round of technology topics that matter to you! It was announced this week that T-Mobile is upgrading existing customers to unlimited 5G plans and trying to convince customers from competing companies to join. Segway, yes the two-wheeled transporter, is introducing a hybrid hydrogen motorcycle with top speeds at nearly 100MPH. As the semiconductor shortage continues to impact the automotive manufacturing industry, Intel is stepping to the plate to fill the gap for US-based producers. Ingenuity is forced to reschedule their first flight on Mars due to some startup complications.

T-Mobile Makes Big Marketing Push

Last week T-Mobile announced plans to upgrade all of their existing smartphone plan customers to unlimited plans as well as plans to encourage AT&T and Verizon customers to jump ship. These customers can now trade in their phones for a free Samsung Galaxy 5G smartphone and grab an unlimited 5G T-Mobile plan. Okay, that will catch some attention.

  • It’s all a big push to 5G and T-Mobile is making it a bit easier for many to decide
  • T-Mobile offers generally discounted plans with all taxes and fees included
  • With a big push for new customers, we are curious what T-Mobile has in the works
  • They continue to tout their 5G network, their access, and their capabilities

Segway’s Newest Electric Bike

Yes, you read that headline correctly. Segway is back with a new motorcycle concept that is powered by a hybrid hydrogen-electric system. Ninebot, the Chinese robotics company that bought Segway in June 2020, is designing this sleek, futuristic, and sharp looking cycle with an aim for the future. The anticipated production and release date is sometime in 2023.

  • The motorcycle boasts a top speed of 93 miles-per-hour and with 80 horsepower base
  • The bike adds to a unique lineup of other Segway products – motorized cart and go-kart
  • No specific news on wether this bike concept will be available to US consumers
  • The concept images look to be something of science fiction with modern flare

Intel’s Entry into Automotive Space

We reported on a previous episode of the growing crisis resulting from a gross shortage of semiconductors. United States car manufacturers are postponing and delaying the building of several models. So, enter Intel. Intel is offering their factories in Oregon, Arizona, New Mexico, Israel, and Ireland to produce chips specifically for US-based car producers.

  • Intel CEO is shooting for a six to nine month production goal to ease the burden
  • Apple’s move to internal chip manufacturing leaves resources for Intel to use now
  • White House officials have met with all major domestic manufacturers
  • Intel can now fill the supply chain gap that exists for many US-based corporations

Ingenuity Flight Rescheduled

And just a quick update of the first flight of Ingenuity, the helicopter associated with Mars’ Perseverance rover. After the first test, NASA delayed the flight for a few days due to an error in pre-flight mode and due to the blades not operating at full functionality.

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