Iphone Turns 13 And Segway’s Road Comes to an End

On Episode 496 of the Waves of Tech, we are here to share some of the tech stories not making front pages and that deserve some discussion. Apple celebrated the iPhone’s 13th birthday and what has been such a lasting impact on the industry. Customer service continues to evade many large companies and the paying consumer is left to figure things out. In a rare event to expand their digital capabilities, Lululemon, a popular apparel company, acquired Mirror, a technology based fitness company. Lastly, Segway is officially shutting down as the once oddly weird transportation unit runs out of road.

Happy Birthday to Apple’s iPhone

In 2007, Steve Jobs took the stage at MacWorld Conference & Expo to announce and showcase the iPhone. It is hard to believe that 13 years have passed. The mobile phone industry has seen an explosion in terms of innovation, design, experience, and operating system. Apple simply integrated multiple existing technologies to make this happen.

  • The timing was right in terms of internet-based features and touchscreen technology
  • Jony Ive is often forgotten in his level of contribution to the success of the iPhone
  • Apple has not been without flaws, from design to hardware to price to durability
  • The iPhone has set the stage for changing the mobile communications industry

The Drought of Customer Service Continues

Well, well, well. We are here to share another horror story of customer service. If it’s not the merchant system malfunctioning, it’s the chat feature being inadequate. If it’s not the lack of contact numbers, it’s the poor response time in email correspondence.  One of the most frustrating elements of customer service is asking the customer to regurgitate their story over and over. Hear all this and much more when trying to deal with a major tech corporation.

Clothing Company Buys Fitness Company

In a very rarely seen acquisition in the technology space, a workout and clothing apparel company has bought an in-home fitness technology. Yes, Lululemon has purchased Mirror for $500 million. As an earlier investor in Mirror, Lululemon is moving along with their strategy of enhancing their “digital and interactive capabilities.” Pretty incredible times right now.

  • Mirror has gained more traction since many are shifting back to home-based workouts
  • Hoping the thought patterns of technology and apparel executives do not overly conflict
  • Mirror provides a subscription model for revenue and features a multitude of workouts
  • Lulu plans to “accelerate the growth of personalized in-home fitness”

Segway’s Road Comes to an End

All roads at some point lead to a dead end, and this is exactly what happened when talking about Segway. Yes, that Segway – the Personal Transporter that ranges from $6,000 to $10,000 per unit. The former trendy battery powered transportation unit company is shutting its doors due to limited interest, lack of financial viability, and new micro-scooter companies.

  • Mike Tyson and George W. Bush went viral after falls from vintage Segways
  • Many law enforcement and security agencies stepped away from using them
  • Even after Ninebot acquired Segway, they could not salvage revenues and retention
  • Many populations are unwilling to adapt to alternative personal transportation units

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