The Semiconductor Shortage is Real

On Episode 521 of the Waves of Tech, we are covering a range of topics that are interesting and relevant to you as a consumer and user of technology. There is a major international shortage of conductors in the global market that is putting a new strain on the production of electronics, vehicles, devices, and systems. Microsoft is increasing their presence in Atlanta, Georgia as plans are shared on their vision of the upcoming 90-acre modern campus. All the buzz in space right now is on Mars as the United States, China, and the United Arab Emirates all explore the planet’s viability for human expedition. During the last year, everything has shifted to online – working, learning, socializing – which demands us to consider how best to create a healthy and sustainable tech/life balance.

The Semiconductor Shortage is Real

During the last year of covering technology and COVID-19 impacts, one major component of electronics that has been of growing concern is the manufacturing of semiconductors. The lack of availability of conductors is a global issue as production slowed down, more demand for consumer products rose, outsourcing became standard, and bad trade arrangements exist.

  • The Biden/Harris administration may be signing executive orders to assist the problem
  • Apple, Qualcomm, Sony, AMD, Toyota, Fiat, Volkswagen have cited shortages
  • Ford has cancelled the production of their F-150 line due to lack of resources
  • Conductors are in appliances, smart-home devices, vehicles, systems, laptops

Microsoft Adding Campus in Atlanta

Last week Microsoft posted a blog about their plans to develop a robust Atlanta-based campus. The software and gaming giant has had a presence in Georgia since 2007. With a 90-acre campus in the works, Microsoft will be able to work alongside the thriving college and university system in Georgia as well as invest in the community’s growth and stature.

  • Atlanta continues to be a hot spot in terms of startup and established tech firms
  • Microsoft has initiated a long term, three phased approach to incorporate in the South
  • Local tech (software, AI, gaming) will benefit from partnerships with the Microsoft team
  • They have promised a healthy community means a healthy company tagline

What On Earth Mars is Going On

Everyone knows Mars is on the agenda – human expedition, future human colonization, and understanding weather, climate, and atmospheric conditions. The United States, China, and the United Arab Emirates have all now captured images of the red planet with hopes of making breakthrough findings with future rock and soil samplings on the agenda.

  • NASA’s Mars Perseverance is searching for past life forms and subsurface water
  • China’s Tianwen-1 is hopeful to return the most promising and pristine soil samples
  • UAE’s Hope will learn how energy and molecules moves through the Mars atmosphere
  • If collaboration with these three nations would occur, shared results would be progress

Tech/Life Balance

Fatigue, stress, anxiety, distance, turmoil, and more. Enter any adjective that best described the last year of working and living during a global pandemic. As we have shifted to more essentially living, working, learning, and socializing online, finding the balance is crucial. Surveys show an increase of 500% of screen time for children, while adults show an increase of four to more than six hours per day. Here are some tips to get you through.

  • Create specific and sustainable morning and evening routines not device related
  • Get away from the screen with breaks, stretches, walks, petting animals, etc
  • Walk away from your phone entirely – no podcasts, audiobooks, social media, or music
  • Mute or brick your apps to avoid unnecessary distractions and urges to grab the phone

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