Sherwin Williams Contractor Discount

Sherwin Williams Contractor Discount: As a painting contractor, bulk purchases of quality paints and supplies are a key part of your business. Saving money on these frequent purchases from retailers like Sherwin-Williams allows you to keep project costs down.

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Luckily, Sherwin-Williams offers a variety of discounts for professional painters through their contractor savings programs whether an independent contractor or running a full crew, signing up for a business account provides exclusive savings opportunities.

Read a complete guide to qualifying for and maximizing Sherwin-Williams contractor discounts for your painting business.

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Does Sherwin Williams Offer Contractor Discounts?

Yes, Sherwin-Williams provides discounts for contractors through their business accounts, including:

My Contractor Program:

This program provides contractors 10% off paints and sundries and 5% off spray equipment. Discounts apply to in-store and online purchases.

Volume Pricing Agreements:

Contractors with larger annual purchase volumes qualify for tiered pricing levels up to an additional 20% or more of paint products.

New Store Account Discounts:

New contractors opening business accounts qualify for extra discounts like 15% off for the first 60 days.

Pro Sales & Service Team:

Larger accounts get assigned rep teams for quotes, color matching, training, and product advice tailored to your business.

Business Credit Accounts:

Net 30-day terms and corporate credit cards with points/cash back allow businesses to delay payment on large purchases.

These savings add up for contractors making frequent purchases for multiple projects yearly.

How to Qualify for a Sherwin-Williams Contractor Discount

To take advantage of Sherwin-Williams contractor discounts, you must open a business credit account and qualify as one of the following:

  • Painting business owner
  • Self-employed painting contractor
  • Construction company owner
  • Home Builder
  • Remodeling company owner
  • Property maintenance/management company

You can qualify for the contractor savings if you actively work in the painting/construction trades and operate under a business name and license.

Be ready to provide your business name, license info, Tax ID, and contact details when applying for an account. Accounts can also be opened easily online through the Sherwin-Williams website.

Additional Ways for Contractors to Save

On top of the standard contractor discounts, Sherwin-Williams offers additional savings opportunities, including:

Seasonal Promotions:

Sales around spring, back to school, and holidays with bonus discounts on certain products.

Clearance Deals:

Special savings on overstock, discontinued, returned, or mis-tinted paint products.

5 Gallon Pails & Multi-Unit Pricing:

Buying paint in bulk in the largest sizes leads to the lowest cost per ounce.

Private Label Brands:

Sherwin-Williams house paint brands like Duracraft and ProClassic offer quality at lower prices than premium brands.

Shop Your Way Rewards:

Earn points redeemable for discounts on purchases charged to your business account.

First-Time User Coupons:

Clip coupons in mailers or ask for coupons for free samples or dollars off when opening a new account.

Sales Tax Exemption:

Save the sales tax percentage on purchases by having your sales tax certificate on file.

With additional planning around sales and bulk sizes, contractors can maximize savings beyond the standard discounts.

Tips for Maximizing Savings at Sherwin-Williams

Follow these tips to get the very best pricing from your contractor account:

  • Review account statements for volume pricing and eligibility for more significant discounts
  • Request quotes for upcoming large projects to get the best bulk rates
  • Time purchases around seasonal sales events and clearance deals
  • Purchase multiples and larger sizes to get the lowest per-ounce cost
  • Use house paint brands instead of the most premium ones when suitable
  • Charge purchases to your account to earn reward points back as discounts
  • Keep your sales tax certificate current to save on every purchase
  • Ask about any unadvertised deals – store managers often have the discretion to give extra contractor savings

Taking advantage of every opportunity can lead to thousands in savings annually for busy contractors.

Comparing Prices at Other Retailers

Even with the contractor discount, it pays to compare pricing at other paint retailers, occasionally

  • Home Depot
  • Lowes
  • PPG Paints
  • Benjamin Moore
  • Local paint stores
  • Warehouse retailers like Sam’s Club

Certain brands or paint types may be less expensive at different retailers.

Leverage Sherwin-Williams’ price match policy by requesting they match a verified lower price available elsewhere on identical products. It ensures you get the best paint prices.

Buying paint supplies like brushes, rollers, and equipment at general retailers can also lead to savings versus buying through your painting supply distributors.

Is a Sherwin Williams Contractor Discount Worth It?

Is taking the time to request quotes and shop sales worth the 10-20%+ savings a Sherwin-Williams contractor account provides?

Benefits of using the contractor discounts include:

  • 10% automatic savings plus other discounts
  • Volume pricing for the highest purchase levels
  • Special sales, promos, and clearance deals
  • Rewards points/credits for purchases
  • Convenience purchasing all supplies in one place

Downsides to consider:

  • Must open an account and prove contractor status
  • You may find some lower prices on certain items elsewhere

For most busy contractors, the savings, convenience, and service benefits outweigh potential minor price differences on individual products. Saving 10% or more on thousands in annual purchases adds up fast.

Knowing when to shop sales, buy in bulk, and request quotes makes capturing maximum savings simple at Sherwin-Williams with a contractor account. Don’t leave savings on the table by failing to use these helpful contractor programs.

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