Shoes Using E-ink Technology and Poisoning iPhone

On Episode 261 of The Waves of Tech, we are looking at the growing movement of authors and storytellers deciding to write their original works for the sole purpose of being heard rather than being read.  Straight to audiobook…that’s a new approach.  We touch on a few other topics such as a 12-year old poisoning her mother for taking away her iPhone and the NFL’s move to end blackouts for the upcoming season.  In a show first, we talk fashion and shoes that are using e-ink technology to change shoe patterns and designs on the go.  Enjoy the episode and continue to ride…the waves of tech.

Straight To Audiobook: Authors Write Original Works Meant To Be Heard:

We all know the mega-growth that has happened in the audiobook market.  It is a $1 billion dollar industry and we continue to see stride in e-book and e-reader technology.  Now, authors and storytellers are authoring their their latest and newest works with the sole purpose of being heard rather than read.  This lends itself to a very different writing process, a process where the ebb-and-flow of the conversation is the focus.  What a crazy development in thanks to technology and the industry.

12-Year-old Girl Tries to Poison Her Mom for Taking her iPhone Away

WOW.  A mother takes her daughter’s phone away and the daughter decides to put some bleach in her mother’s smoothie.  The daughter’s plot for revenge results in her being arrested and facing two counts of attempted first degree murder.  We have never heard of a story quite like this and Steve has some quality words to share with everyone.  Dave is more at a lost for words, which is unusual.

Shoes which change colors

We don’t often talk fashion on the show.  Come to think of it, we are not sure if we have ever talked fashion!  Fresh to the market is a shoe with a Bluetooth low-energy receiver placed in the sole that allows the woman to change the design and pattern on the shoe.  Using e-ink and Bluetooth technology, wearers can change from flowers to rainbows and from hearts to symmetric lines.  Moreover, change the color of the show from black to white and from white to grey.

NFL to end blackouts for one year

The NFL has a bad, bad policy on blackouts.  Without going into much detail, the NFL has decided the lift the blackout ban for the upcoming 2015 season.  This means all games will air in local regions regardless of tickets sold.  Many are asking the FCC to jump into the mix and mandate the NFL remove the policy from the books.  Last year, the FCC repealed a sports blackout policy but the NFL was not affected due to broadcast contracts.  Look for more reporting and talk about the FCC, the NFL, and blackouts in 2015.


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