Vehicle Shortages And Amazon Sidewalk

On Episode 533 of the Waves of Tech, we are back after an unexpectedly long break from recording. This week we dive into the vehicle shortage many local automotive dealerships are facing due to the semiconductor production issue. Microsoft is poised to make a significant announcement in late June regarding their famed Windows operating system. Amazon Sidewalk has hit the streets and you would probably be best served to turn off its functionality as soon as possible. The US Department of Justice successfully recovered $2.2 million worth of Bitcoin that was paid by Colonial Pipeline from their recent hack.

Shortage of Vehicles Felt Locally

The semiconductor shortage continues to impact the local automotive dealerships and is forcing customers and sellers to make tough decisions. With production halted on many makes and models along with dwindling supplies of vehicles to showcase, it is a matter of time before it becomes a larger economic problem domestically. The competition for chips will continue to ramp up and future manufacturing is coming into question.

Microsoft’s June 24 Event

The Redmond-based software giant is not known for its fanfare when it comes to announcing updates to their popular Windows operating system. Twice a year new features are rolled out and often glossed over in the news media. However, the upcoming June 24 digital event may change course with some rumored big announcements coming including a potential new look/design, new Start menu, and better tablet support. We would love to see a heightened focus on security first, standardization second, maturity in thought third, and a more defined distinction between business vs home package last.

Walk Cautiously with Amazon Sidewalk

June 8th is the day that Amazon has been waiting for. Sidewalk, a controversial new default option to extend the range and reliability of its Ring and Echo devices through the use of piggybacking off of yours, community, and neighborhood WiFi. Since this is a default function that is currently turned on, check out the link below to disable the function. Amazon has claimed since day one that no personal information is collected, the service only uses a very small portion of your bandwidth, and nothing is stored or shared from your network. Much caution should be taken and we recommend turning off this function.

Bitcoin/Ransomware Recovered

Last month Colonial Pipeline was hit with an incredible ransomware account that amounted to the CEO authorizing a $4.4 million payout to DarkSide, a criminal group with ties to Russia. With some quick action from the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), the Department of Justice (DOJ), and Colonial contractors, the DOJ successfully recovered $2.2 million worth of Bitcoin from the market. The potential to recover such funds is a great sign that cyber security and ransomware are making progress in finding these criminals.

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