Six Things You Should Do In 2013

Waves of Tech 169 is packed full of techie talk!! We are glad you came with us to the show. In 2013, there are things we should be doing online that most of us probably are not doing – things such as reading terms of service, checking privacy settings, and scanning old photos. We have 6 things to add to your “To Do List.” Also, the Super Bowl power outage was an opportunistic time for many companies to promote their products via social networks for pennies on the dollar.

What we should be doing in 2013

We are constantly interacting with technology, whether it be at home or work. There are some things that we need to start taking a look at and getting in line before it’s too late. So, before you put any other things on your “Tech To Do List” add these six things: Back up your stuff, 2-Factor Authentication, Scan Old Photos, Step Away from the Smartphone, Read Terms of Service and Check Privacy Settings, Learn Something New Online. Make this “To Do List” a priority and we guarantee you will feel better about your privacy, preserving your past, and preparing for the future.

Real Time Advertising
The Super Bowl power outage brought forth a new age for companies – Real Time Advertising. When the lights went out in New Orleans, the lights went on in the minds of advertisers and company executives. Most notable, Oreo gained massive traction, and over 15,000 retweets, with four simple words and a picture: “Power out? No problem.” Tide (We can’t get the #blackout but we can get the stains out) and Calvin Klein (workout video) also sent advertisements out via social networks and gained some recognition for doing so. What does this mean for companies? It means the advent, the beginning, the commencement of a new age when the people do the advertising for you.

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