Sleep Technology, CBS & Dish Network Clash, DOJ Blocks AT&T / TWC Merger

We are diving into a wide variety of topics this week.  When a personal health issue arises, we look to technology to help us out.  In this specific case, sleep technology is advancing the ability to monitor and improve overall health.  If you are a Dish Network customer, beware that blackout may be occurring across the stations of CBS and the two battle through a contract negotiation process.  Honda and Facebook are teaming up to reach drivers that have yet to replace their faculty airbag systems by using targeted advertising and matching up encrypted email addresses.  The AT&T and Time Warner merger is being halted as the Department of Justice sue to block the move, citing lack of technological innovation, antitrust concerns, and lack of consumer savings.  The Waves of Tech is powered by – Modern Issues. Modern Discussions.  Enjoy the podcast and continue to ride…The Waves of Tech.

The Power of Sleep Technology

When you are going through a tough spell of sleeping, you resort to reaching out to doctors that have specialized sleep technology.  Steve shares his personal story of checking into a sleep center and being hooked up to multiple sensors to monitor vital information and data.  The sleep device, along with the series of sensors, collects the data for physician review.  Hear Steve’s story and everything involved with the visit.

CBS and Dish Network Clash Over New Contract

Dish Network has issued a statement this week warning customers that certain CBS programming may not be available for them during the holiday week and weekend.  The dispute – as always – is a conflict over financials paid to Dish Network for the right to broadcast CBS-owned content.  Are you prepared for a few blackout screens?

  • NFL and SEC football are the main sporting events subject to national blackout
  • Both CBS and Dish state they are committed to signing a fair value contract
  • Consumers are left ignored during negotiations leaving them without programming
  • Stocks from both companies reported Wall Street losses after the announcement

Honda Partners with Facebook for Public Safety

In a unique way in which to reach their target audience, Honda has teamed with Facebook to reach car owners that have yet to replace their malfunctioning airbags.  There are over 10 million drivers that still need automotive attention.  The advertising tool will match encrypted email addresses associated with recalled vehicle identification numbers to Facebook users.

  • This is the first we’ve heard of an auto company utilizing this targeted approach
  • Mailers, phone calls, press releases, and emails may go unnoticed or ignored
  • Facebook has gained the trust of users, making this approach by Honda clever
  • Facebook’s robust advertising algorithm is gaining traction in several ways now

Department of Justice Blocking a Mega Telecom Merger

Early last year, AT&T and Time Warner announced a merger upwards of $85 billion.  The United States Department of Justice is now suing to block the merger since the Federal Trade Commission, in essence, has approved the deal by not commenting.  The DOJ is filing suit stating the merger will cost American families more and does not offer innovative technologies.  The deal is an unhealthy concentration of power between a distributor and a maker of content.

  • Streaming video demands and zero-rating services complicate the picture
  • DOJ claims the merger will grossly limit distribution, speed, and access to content
  • Net neutrality factors into the equation as the FCC looks to rollback regulations
  • The courts will decide the future of the telecommunication industry now


CBS warns of blackout in dispute with Dish

Honda to use Facebook to find owners with defective Takata airbags

Justice Department is suing to block the AT&T – Time Warner merger


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