What Happened to the Smart City?

On Episode 536 of the Waves of Tech, we are diving into a roundtable discussion covering the tech industry. Columbus, Ohio wrapped up their 5-year Smart City grant and we learned of the successes and failures of the process. New data is showing that consumers are shelling out upwards of $65 billions during the first half of 2021 with few indications of slowing down. Windows 11 received very mixed reactions and we shared some thoughts from what was presented. John McAfee changed the landscape of virus protection and created an industry that was essential to protecting our systems. The Hubble Telescope is experiencing some technical and computing issues and NASA is racing to ensure the system gets back online.

What Happened to the Smart City?

Columbus, Ohio was awarded a $50 million contract from the US Department of Transportation in 2016. The concept was to develop a smart city within the existing infrastructure of the city. This meant building and using WiFi-enabled kiosks, apps to encourage ride-share fares, and autonomous vehicles in hopes of assisting technology to improve communities and solve community issues. We debate why some projects were successful and why others were not.

Consumers Spend $65B for Apps

In a new study from Sensor Tower, an app store intelligence firm, their data showed that consumer spending in mobile apps hit an all-time record in the first half of 2021. They estimate nearly $65 billion was spent globally. Apple’s App Store raked in $41.5B while Google’s Google Play banked $23.4B. The app spending surge is partly contributable to the pandemic, as users used many more apps for work, shopping, delivery, education, and more. Oddly, app downloads grew a mere 1.7% over the same time.

Windows 11 Stream & Preview Edition

The Redmond, Washington based Microsoft previewed the next iteration of Windows 11 last week. The news was generally well received by PC owners and may lead to some unique user experiences. However, news that certain hardware would need CPU upgrades in order to operate the new system drew some negative reactions. We will continue to provide updates as Microsoft releases information on free upgrades as well as business and personal suites.

The Death of John McAfee

As a British-American computer programmer and businessman, John McAfee created and revolutionized the anti-virus industry. His contributions to the tech space cannot go understated. Employed by NASA, Xerox, Univac, and Computer Sciences Corporation, he worked on operating system architecture and software design. While working for Lockheed, he began developing the first software to combat viruses and changed our understanding of virus protection. We will always remember the McAfee pop-ups, CDs, and bloatware.

NASA’s Hubble Telescope in Balance

Over the past few weeks, NASA has been working on a fix to their Hubble Telescope. The Initial indications from members pointed to a degrading computer memory module as the source of concern. After performing several tests of the computer’s modules, the results indicate that a different piece of computer hardware may have caused the problem. Hopefully a patch is found soon so we can begin to experience the amazing shots of the galaxy we have become so accustomed to over the years.


The End of the Smart City

Spending in Apps Hits Record

John McAfee

Hubble in Trouble

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